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Recently, representatives of Bruce Willis announced that the actor is progressing aphasia – a brain disease that causes speech disorders. This largely (though not the only reason) clarifies the last years of his career: for several years in a row, Willis has been filmed exclusively in (to put it mildly) action movies, which are absolutely not remembered by viewers. Not so memorable that even the second in his career “Golden Raspberry” Willis decided to award only this year (although immediately recalled as a sign of respect for the disease of the actor).

And although Bruce Willis could not boast of many awards (with a plus sign) before, there are many outstanding roles in his career. I chose the TOP-10 of them (to my liking) to pay tribute to the outstanding actor. I confess, I chose with difficulty: some had to give up hard-hearted, so you have the opportunity in the comments to note the role, which is undeservedly not in this list 10 most iconic roles of Bruce Willis.

10. David Addison Jr. (Moonlight Detective Agency, 1985-1989)

Willis’ first big role. Bruce plays a private detective who runs a detective agency, who persuades the owner of the agency not to close a loss-making business, but to start running the office and put things in order. This is how a bright screen couple is formed: top model Maddie Hayes (Sybil Shepherd), spoiled by a luxurious lifestyle, and unlucky, lazy, but extremely charming detective David Addison. It’s funny that 25 years later, such a bunch of characters will literally be repeated by the creators of the sitcom “Two Maidens Stranded”.

“Moonlight” is notable for constantly breaking the “fourth wall”, often going into outright grotesque and parodies of other genres.

The legacy of the series is overshadowed by the fact that closer to the finale, Willis and Shepherd could not stand each other, which affected not only the filming process, but also the quality of the product itself. After the third season, the series begins to sag: Sybil Shepherd spends little time on the set due to pregnancy (not from Bruce), Willis focuses on filming in “Hard Nut”, and the series itself loses one of the main writers. The ending of “DALS” is clearly merged, but given the regular breakdown of the fourth wall, it looks ironic and to some extent deserved: all the problems of production of the series penetrated into the lives of the characters.

And yes, the KVN team named itself after this series.

9. Joe Hallenbeck (The Last Boy Scout, 1991)

Willis plays a former bodyguard of the President of the United States (and once even saved the life of the President), who fell into disfavor because of his principledness and heightened sense of justice. Hallenbeck is now an unfortunate private detective, a drunkard and a bit of a puppet.

Willis’s character in “Boy Scout” is practically a noir hero, a perfect mixture of sarcastic humor, nihilism and bitterness of defeat on all fronts (wife cheats with her best friend, teenage daughter doesn’t care, career is broken).

Even the hero’s last name – Hallenbeck (Hallenbeck, hell-and-back) hints that the hero has made a difficult life. Joe marvels at the $ 650 leather pants (“Are they with the TV?”), Offers the offender to choose his own punishment (“In the jaw or under the breath?”) And along the way reveals a political conspiracy.

And in this film there is a scene of the most brutal punishment in the history of cinema of a raging bandit, which will be envied by Chuck Norris himself:

“Touch again – I’ll kill”

8. Butch Coolidge (Criminal Reading, 1994)

Willis plays a professional boxer who decides to deceive the criminal boss and instead of giving up the fight, for which he was paid by the bandits, charge all the money for his victory, cut down the opponent and break an even bigger jackpot. The craziest part of Tarantino’s most famous film: a story about a gold watch that was hidden in the ass for years to pass on to Coolidge by inheritance and homosexual sadists raping random people in the basement of a store.

And in this film, the hero Tarantino kills the enemy with a katana long before “Kill Bill”:

7. Harry Stamper (Armageddon, 1998)

Willis plays the head of the oil drill crew, whom NASA offers to assemble a team and go into space to (as expected) save humanity: drill a hole in an asteroid approaching Earth and blow it up.

With the support of Ben Affleck, Owen Wilson, Steve Buscemi and others, Willis travels to Cape Canaveral to sacrifice himself for the salvation of humanity at the end of the film.

If all the girls in the late 90’s cried for Celine Dion while DiCaprio said goodbye to his girlfriend on the sinking Titanic, all the guys at that time were crying under Aerosmith, watching Willis shove Affleck into a rocket to Earth with the words “take care of my daughter”:

Aerosmith – I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing (Official HD Video)

And yes, during the filming of the film, Ben Affleck asked the director why NASA was sending a team of drillers into space, although it would be easier to train astronauts to drill. To which Michael Bay replied, “Go fuck yourself, Ben.”

6. Jackal (Jackal, 1997)

One of the rare cases when Bruce Willis is not something that does not save humanity, but on the contrary, plays a bad guy. The role is included in the list largely due to the fact that Willis’ character plays an unusual role as an antagonist.

Bruce plays a mysterious assassin nicknamed the Jackal, who agrees to kill the first lady of the United States for $ 70 million. The hero of Richard Gere, the only one who knows the Jackal’s face, is called to stop the killer. The film is a very free remake of the 1972 film “Jackal Day”, which, in turn, is a film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Frederick Forsythe.

And Willis’s character changes his appearance several times in a very comical way during the film in order to disguise himself, and one day he even meets a random man in a bar to gain his trust.

5. Mr. Good Cat (Slevin’s Lucky Number, 2005)

Willis plays an assassin nicknamed the Good Cat, who once set out on a mission but was unable to kill the child and left him alive, contrary to orders. Many years later, the child grew into Josh Hartnett and came (with the help of the same Mr. Good Cat) to avenge those who ordered his family.

The film, which many compare to Guy Ritchie’s best work, is considered by some to be a cult film, and by some to be a passing pacifier trying to replicate the Big Cash scheme. One way or another, in “Slevine” Willis played the most charismatic and cold-blooded killer, for whom honor and morality are more expensive than money.

And it’s funny that in the same year 2005 Willis and Hartnett also starred together with Rodriguez in “Sin City”, but there Hartnett already plays the role of a cold-blooded and silent assassin.

4. Mr. Swav (Black Mamba, 2011)

In 2011, NBA star Kobe Bryant approached the promotion of his name sneakers. Robert Rodriguez shot a full-fledged commercial blockbuster starring Bryant. The great basketball player was opposed by a variety of villains played by Denny Trejo, Bruce Willis and Kanye West as the final boss.

Willis in this advertisement is the very embodiment of style and mystery.

Kobe Bryant is “The Black Mamba”. Directed by Robert Rodriguez

3. Eddie Hawkins (Hudson Hawk, 1991)

Willis plays super-thief Eddie Hawkins, nicknamed the Hudson Hawk, who is released from prison but immediately falls into the hands of a powerful corporation Mayflower Industriesforcing the hawk to commit another theft: to steal a device created by Leonardo da Vinci, which turns lead into gold.

Perhaps it is in The Hudson Hawk that Willis perfects his famous grin.

The film looks as if James Gunn had decided to make The Da Vinci Code: insane chases, inappropriately pathetic, almost caricatured villains, an ironic protagonist, even under the barrel of a gun revealing his trademark jokes, and the general atmosphere of light madness on screen.

And Willis is confused in this movie with the divine Andy McDowell.

2. Corben Dallas (The Fifth Element, 1997)

Willis plays a simple taxi driver, Corben Dallas, who happens to be involved in an interplanetary mess where the fate of the entire galaxy is at stake. In the course of the action, Dallas turns out (unexpectedly) to be a former special forces officer, and for a couple with the heroine Milla Jovovich once again saves the world, this time on a truly cosmic scale.

And the costumes in “The Fifth Element” were not responsible for anyone, but Jean-Paul Gauthier, which explains the fact that the film was literally torn to pieces for Halloween.

1. John McClain (“Hard Nut”, 1988 – AD)

Didn’t you think that someone other than McClain could be in the first place?

Willis plays a simple New York City police officer who wants to celebrate Christmas with his wife and arrives in Los Angeles. The skyscraper in which his wife’s company is located is seized by international terrorists, and John is forced to save the lives of himself, his wife and all the other hostages.

Initially, “Hard Nut” was supposed to be a sequel to “Commando” with Schwarzenegger, but Arnie refused the role and in the end the film gave us one of the best heroes in the history of action. And let everything that happens to the franchise after the third part, you want to forget like a nightmare, “Hard Nut” gave the world a few eternal memes and will forever remain in the hearts of all the boys who grew up in the nineties.

And yes, Yippee-kai-yay, motherfucker!

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