10 theories about the Harry Potter universe, which turn upside down a favorite fairy tale of our childhood

Fans of Harry Potter’s adventures were lucky: in her books, Joan Rowling not only created a new magical universe, but even left a lot of room in it for the fantasies of her fans. Their sometimes non-trivial theories are sometimes confirmed by the writer herself, and then the story, loved by many, begins to play with new colors.

We are in decided to tell you about 10 theories that turn the famous movie franchise upside down.

1. Harry Potter is a distant relative of Godric Gryffindor

In the book “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”, the boy is accused of his possible relationship with Salazar Slytherin himself because of his ability to communicate with snakes. In reality, however, the situation may be quite different: according to one fan theory, Harry Potter is the heir not of Slytherin, but of Godric Gryffindor. The idea is confirmed by the fact that the “boy who survived” eventually defeated Slytherin’s true heir, Tom Riddle, thus ending a long-running conflict between the founders of Hogwarts.

2. Mary Poppins also studied at Hogwarts

Mary Poppins may be a real Hogwarts graduate who decided to return to the Muggle world after graduating from the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In order not to give up magic outside the wizarding world, Mary hid her magic wand in an umbrella just as Hagrid did. And the fairy nanny uses flight spells and carries a magic bag similar to the one used by Hermione in the part about the gifts of death.

3. Hagrid received Aragog from Newt Salamander

In the book “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”, the giant spider Aragog tells Harry Potter that he came from a distant land in the pocket of a traveler. It is also known that Newt Salamander returned to Hogwarts after his journey across five continents, during which a magician studied, collected and defended fantastic beasts. If so, it is possible that in the following parts of the story “Fantastic Creatures and Where They Live” we will be able to see under what circumstances Newt gave Aragog to Hagrid.

4. Hagrid has few happy memories

In an interview, Joan Rowling admitted that Hagrid was kicked out of Hogwarts before he could learn the Patronus spell. Despite the writer’s statement, fans have suggested that there is an even sadder reason for Hagrid’s lack of a personal defender: he simply does not have enough happy memories to challenge him.

5. Trelawney was not a charlatan

In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Professor Sibylla Trelawney tells Harry Potter that his birthday is in the middle of winter. Then the Hogwarts students made the teacher of divination laugh, because everyone knew perfectly well that the Surviving Boy was born in the summer.

Meanwhile, the birthday of Tom Riddle – the future of Voldemort – is exactly December 31. Maybe Professor Trelawney was able to capture a particle of his soul in Harry Potter? If so, Dumbledore did not take the soothsayer to this position for good reason.

6. Hagrid could not have children

According to one fan theory, Rubeus Hagrid, a teacher of magical creatures, could not have children. From Joan Rowling’s books, it is known that Hagrid’s father was a wizard and his mother a giant. Although such an interspecific marriage led to the emergence of the beloved forester Hogwarts, Hagrid is a hybrid that can not leave offspring.

7. Professor Locons was taken to Hogwarts for a joke

The recruitment of the narcissistic Professor Locons could be called one of Dumbledore’s biggest mistakes. Fans, however, were able to rehabilitate the brilliant director of Hogwarts. According to their theory, Albus hired Goldilocks Lokons specifically to reveal to the world the true face of this teacher of protection against the dark arts. The result is known to all of us: at the first unexpected difficulties, Goldilocks shows his cowardly nature, and then his career collapses.

8. Credence is the grandfather of Professor Snape

Who was the unfortunate Credence Barbone: fans “turned” him into the father of Voldemort, and even the grandfather of Professor Snape. It is known that Snape was born into the family of a sorceress and a magician. His mother Eileen Prince was born in the 1930s, and since the events described in the films “Fantastic Creatures …” take place in 1926, Credence may well be her father.

9. Magicians hide from Muggles for a reason

The question of why magicians are forced to hide from the Muggles remains one of the most important in the famous saga. The power of wizards could well allow them to rule the world, but for some reason the wizards remain in the shadows.

According to one theory, magicians and muggles once came into conflict, as a result of which the owners of magic wands lost. This theory is confirmed by the fact that at the end of the book “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” the Ministry of Magic informs the British Prime Minister about the import of a dragon into his country. Perhaps the Muggles are not as simple as you might think.

10. Hermione may be Harry’s sister

Harry and Hermione have always had a warm relationship, and sometimes readers may even think that the characters are behaving like brother and sister. There is a theory that James and Lily Potter actually had two children: a boy and a girl. For some reason, the girl was adopted by the Granger family, who raised a young sorceress as their own child.

If the theory is correct, it becomes clear why Hermione is always defending Harry and there has never been a hint of a romantic relationship between them.

Which of Harry Potter’s fan theories do you think most closely resembles the truth?


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