12 actresses who became pregnant during the filming, and the directors deftly saved the situation

Film production is a slow process. And if it is a series with a large number of seasons and episodes, then work on it can take 10 years or more. But life goes its own way – during this time the stars have time to get married and have children. However, admitting pregnancy to your colleagues and studio bosses is always a great stress for the actress. After all, her interesting position may not fit into the script, and in this case the star risks losing his job.

We are in remembered the stories when the creators of the movie or series cleverly got away with learning about the actress’ unexpected pregnancy.

Secret materials

During the filming of the 2nd season of “Secret Materials”, Gillian Anderson’s growing belly was initially hidden with ingenious angles and baggy clothes. But when it came time for the actress to give birth, showrunners came up with the abduction of Dana Scully by aliens. This explained her absence and allowed the actress to take reduced maternity leave. And in the scenes on the alien ship, the heroine’s big belly even “lit up”.

Gillian Anderson returned to filming just days after her daughter was born. Therefore, in the 8th series, Scully does not get out of the hospital bed in the hospital, where, according to the script, she was returned by the kidnappers. By the way, the consequences of the abduction formed the basis of several story arches. So, in one of the episodes of the 5th season, Dana Scully finds out that she gave birth to a child then.

The Big Bang Theory

During the filming of the 11th season of the popular sitcom, the actress, who played Bernadette, was in position. This has been a challenge for showrunners since last season the heroine and her screen husband have already had one child. However, the creators of the series decided that this could be a really interesting story. Howard, Bernadette’s husband, was stunned to learn that she was expecting her second child so soon after the birth of her first (who was less than a year old).

“At first they were shocked,” says the creator of the series. – They are still getting used to their new roles of father and mother, so the appearance of a second child is derailing. And the new mother is beginning to feel threatened by her scientific career. “

Once in a fairy tale

Actress Jennifer Goodwin, who played Snow White, announced her pregnancy during the filming of the 3rd season of the series. However, the showrunners did not grieve for long. So Snow White and the Beautiful Prince gave birth to a baby. By the way, the fact that the actress just met her future husband and father of the child on the set adds fabulousness to this event. And he was an actor playing the role of the Beautiful Prince.

Desperate housewives

Actress Marcia Cross became pregnant with twins when she was 44. This came as a surprise because her heroine Bree’s pregnancy was not listed in the series – all the storylines were prepared in advance. So it was necessary to get out to hide from the eyes of the audience growing belly. So Bree started wearing more sweaters and only close-ups. In one of the series, in order to hide her belly, as props a whole gingerbread house was used.

By the way, after the birth of Marcia Cross still had to portray pregnancy in the series: her heroine puts a pillow under her clothes to later give the child who was preparing to give birth to a daughter for his own.


After learning about the pregnancy of Jennifer Garner, the lead actress, the showrunners completely rewrote the 5th season. Now Sidney Bristow was also preparing to become a mother, so she didn’t have to hide her growing belly. However, in the late stages of pregnancy, the actress could no longer participate in complex action scenes. So Rachel, a young special agent, was added to the script, and Sydney took her under her wing. So Rachel was able to go through many exciting adventures, and Sydney – to enjoy the pregnancy in relative peace.


Anne Hathaway became pregnant while working on the film. Therefore, a decision was made give up suits with too narrow a waistwhich the costume designer dreamed of. Finding out what kind of wardrobe is being prepared for the Supreme Witch, the actress protested, explaining her refusal by the fact that she will feel restrained if something fits tightly around her waist. In the end, it was decided to focus on freer things.

The biggest problem from the wardrobe point of view was the purple dress with the golden snake. The actress’ pregnancy was already noticeable, so its design required careful study.


“Bones” star Emily Deschanel and her alter ego Temperance Brennan were pregnant in the first half of season 7. However, the actress gave birth to a child a little earlier than her heroine. Therefore, Deschanel already after childbirth had to put on an artificial belly for shooting one episode. According to the actress, walking with him was very uncomfortable and hot.

In order to choose the most suitable, she measured a bunch of bellies that were created for different celebrities. Among other things, Emily tried on the stomach of Nicole Kidman, but claims that she does not remember where they ended up.


When Pam Jenna Fisher was pregnant with her first child, she and her screen husband had one child. Therefore, the actress was afraid to talk about her delicate situation and asked the costume designers to buy her new things that could hide her stomach from prying eyes. However, when it was no longer possible to hide it, Jenna confessed to everything, and they decided to include her pregnancy in the series in the most natural way – by giving the couple a family addition.

Vampire Diaries

In the 7th season of the vampire Caroline, played by Candice King, she became pregnant … with the help of a magic transfer. She seems to have become a surrogate mother for unborn twins. According to the producer of the series, they separately came up with the story of a woman who knocks on the door of a grieving widower and says: “I think I’m pregnant with your children.” But it was obvious to everyone that this plot twist was too sharp, so initially they did not plan to do so. Until Candice King called and said she was pregnant.

But, despite the real pregnancy, the actress had to wear a fake belly over his. The fact is that her heroine was pregnant with twins, while Candice was expecting only one child and did not look “pregnant enough”. Among other things, this unexpected story arch also gave the future to the spin-offs “Firstborn” and “Heritage”.

Jack Reacher

The action movie “Jack Reacher” is the case when the actress chose to hide her pregnancy from the eyes of viewers. The situation was complicated by the fact that the action of the film lasted only 3 days, and the shooting – 4 months. Therefore, the costume designers and the cameraman had to make sure that Rosamund Pike always looked the same in the frame, and the round belly did not catch the eye. For example, the actress often wore black in the frame.

But the star herself believes that the presence of a few extra pounds during the filming only made her heroine more believable, more human“I really like the way I look in this movie because I’ve gotten a little better,” said Rosamund Pike.

Anatomy of passion

Catherine Scorsone, who played Dr. Amelia Sheppard in the series “Anatomy of Passion” and his spin-off “Private Practice”, was three times pregnant during the years of work on the set. Her 1st and 3rd pregnancies were included in the script. However, at the behest of the screenwriters, Dr. Amelia Sheppard lost her first child. Therefore, after learning about the actress’ new pregnancy, the creators of the series decided to give the heroine a chance to become a happy mother.


The star of “Enchanted” Alyssa Milano, who played Savannah Davis in the series “Mistresses”, became pregnant just before the start of filming the 2nd season of the show. To hide her position, the actress hid behind packages and menus, forced to hold propssuch as bulky bags or pillows, dressed in black baggy clothes.

According to Alyssa Milano, the creators of the series made so much effort to hide her pregnancy that it was like a sketch from Saturday Night Live. And after the end of the season, the star left the show, declaring his desire to be close to his family.

And what crazy and unexpected plot twists can you remember in your favorite TV series and movies?


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