5 series about robots, androids and cyborgs that you could miss

On April 4, on the TNT TV channel, viewers will see the continuation of the series “Project Anna Nikolaevna”. This is an original film search project that tells the story of an android in the service of the police. Zoe Berber’s heroine is far from the only cybernetic organism called to maintain law and order. remembers other androids that protect the peace of citizens on the streets of movie cities and movie planets.

Droids – “Star Wars” (1977 – 2019)

In the Star Wars universe, droids are mechanical beings with artificial intelligence. As a rule, they work in the service of man. There are combat, torture and reconnaissance droids, and there are medics, pilots and astromechanics.

Everyone’s favorite R2-D2 is just an astromechanic. His main functions are to be a mechanic of spaceships and a specialist in interaction with computers. But at the same time he is able to neutralize enemies if his owner needs help. Its eternal satellite C-3PO is an example of a protocol droid that possesses more than six million forms of communication. He is an indispensable assistant in any negotiations.

The K-2SO from Rogue One is a security droid reprogrammed into a strategic planner. And L3-37 from “Han Solo” is a unique droid – “Frankenstein” with a female personality, assembled from parts of other mechanisms.

Star Wars movie. Photo: frame from the movie

Officer Kay – “Blade Runner 2049” (2017)

Androids in the Blade Runner universe are called replicants. They are stronger, more resilient and smarter than ordinary people, although they look exactly the same visually. That’s Officer Kay, who works in the police department.

He is running on the blade and his task is to calculate and dispose of rebellious replicants. Inhuman calmness and superhuman strength help him to cope with this: in order to win the battle of an android who is superior to an ordinary person in everything, you need to at least match him.

To make replicants feel almost real people from the point of view of nature, they are even introduced to human memories, which, however, are synthesized in a special laboratory by the same electric sheep that androids dream of in the original work of Philip Dick.

The film “Blade Runner 2049”. Photo: frame from the movie

Robot Cop Alex Murphy – “Robocop” (1987)

A police man? Too vulnerable. A police robot? Too unpredictable. But the robocop is an ideal option. When police officer Alex Murphy dies while on duty, a team of scientists returns him to work as a cyborg.

All that remains of Murphy is the face and internal organs, the rest is a robotic system. The titanium body and Kevlar prostheses help it break through concrete walls and remain invulnerable to firearms and melee weapons. At the same time, he has his own set of firearms, which Robocop uses without misses.

The police receive a “two in one” kit, which is called the future of law enforcement: a computer database combined with unique experience on the streets of the city. Only Murphy himself did not choose such a fate, and the memories of death do not allow him to become an obedient killer, doing whatever they want from him.

Robocop. Photo: frame from the movie

Anna Nikolaevna – “Anna Nikolaevna Project” (2020 – present)

Android Anna Nikolaevna Korolkevich is an advanced development of domestic scientists, released under the code name Art 45-36. But since the main purpose of the introduction of the cyborg in the regular police department, its humanization, the perfect guard of order received a name, surname, patronymic and almost all “human” characteristics, so as not to stand out from the crowd.

Almost like Alex Murphy from the point above! Android perfectly owns firearms and melee weapons, invincible in hand-to-hand combat, accurately reproduces audiovisual information. At the same time Anna Nikolaevna can portray human emotions, eat, drink and even engage in intimacy.

Despite the fact that the robot was created as an ideal policeman: absolutely honest and impartial, in this work – other qualities are important. It is human ingenuity and the ability to act in the right moments according to changing circumstances.

Zoe Berber
Zoya Berber in the series “Project Anna Nikolaevna”. Photo: TNT

DRN-0167 “Dorian” – “Almost human” (2013-2014)

The cops from the “Almost Man” series work in tandem: a man who is half robot and a robot who is half man. DRN-0167 is an outdated model of android, which was decommissioned due to the fact that robots created under the program “synthetic soul” did not cope well with the control of emotions.

At the same time, the androids of this series are able to identify the degree of potential threat and even work as a portable laboratory: take a blood test right at the crime scene and instantly load it into the system.

The fundamental difference between DRN and new robots is that they operate on the basis of logic and law, they have no free will, they do not feel anything: in fact, because of such installations, the protagonist’s partner died, and he lost his leg.

Dorian claims that he was designed to feel the same as a human being. Due to this, he becomes a more reliable partner for human policemen: such a comrade will not stop dying in a shootout, guided only by mathematical algorithms.

Dorian - Almost a Man
“Dorian” – “Almost human”. Photo: frame from the movie

Watch the second season of the series “Project Anna Nikolaevna” from April 4 on TNT.

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