A glial brain tumor was found in the star of the TV series “Policeman from Rublevka”

Due to illness, actor Roman Popov lost 40 kg

Actor Roman Popov fell in love with viewers for his role in the series “Policeman from Rublevka”. Fans, looking at the cute chubby, did not suspect that he had been hiding stage III cancer for a long time. Due to illness, the artist lost 40 kg. The other day the man spoke honestly about his diagnosis.

In the fall of 2018, Roman Popov was found to have a tumor. He went to the doctors after he had three epileptic seizures in one day.

“I wake up at one o’clock in the morning in early October 2018 because an ambulance crew is around me… My pregnant and pale wife is nearby. I learned from Julia that I had an epileptic seizure in my dream. The doctors woke me up and it was over. “– Popov told.

However, in the morning the story repeated itself. He was advised to have an MRI. But in a taxi on the way to the hospital, he had another seizure – for the third time in a day. As a result of the examination, the actor was found to have a tumor, which in the deep phase of sleep began to press on the brain.

In the fall of 2018, Roman Popov was found to have a tumor. Photo: frame from the program “Stars met”

“Doctors said it could be good or it could be evil. They said that in any case it is necessary to have surgery. I went to Germany for a consultation. The doctor looked at the MRI and said he agreed with his Moscow colleagues. “– said the actor in the studio of the program “Stars met” on NTV.

According to the artist, he was diagnosed with astrocytoma – a glial tumor of the brain arising from astrocytes (cells of the accessory tissue of the brain). The man managed to overcome the disease.

“I respected my illness, I accepted it. I did not lose a healthy irony. And partly because of my sense of humor, I overcame this disease. And when I am asked if I have had stellar disease, I answer: “Of course! Astrocytoma: oncocells in the form of stars »»– the actor jokes.

Roman also told why he hid the cancer. “I was afraid of spectators, fans. People are different, they are evil. He was afraid of reaction, so he didn’t tell anyone. Family, relatives and colleagues in the shop knew about it. Because it’s very hard to explain that I need a wig and more time for makeup to close the scar after surgery. “– Popov told.

The birth of a daughter was a great stimulus for recovery March. In all, the Popovs have three children.

Main PHOTO: frame from the TV series “Policeman from Rublevka”

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