a monkey, and Dava – a rat “: for which Olga Buzova again walked on her ex

This time the singer spoke unflatteringly to the ex-chosen ones with the help of comparisons with animals.

TV presenter Olga Buzova, behind whose shoulders a failed marriage with football player Dmitry Tarasov, as well as a high-profile affair with blogger David Manukyan, once again went through her ex. The other day the star of “Doma-2” became the heroine of “PRO-news” on the MUZ-TV channel, where she fulfilled the conditions of a small game. It was necessary to compare famous people with animals and, ironically, she, of course, fell ex-lovers – Dava and Tarasov. The singer did not skimp on the association and said what she thought. As a result, unflattering expressions flew at the men again.

“In the past, Tarasov ran so deftly, writhing. He’s like a monkey. But it’s all behind us! ”Olga said with a smile.

Появление Ольги Бузовой на 2-ой минуте

However, the singer did not speak so enthusiastically about the second ex-chosen one. According to her, Dava is a traitor who runs away in difficult situations.

“Rats are running away from a sinking ship. They are still smart, thoughtful. I am very honest and sincere, I will save everyone, and the rats will take care of themselves, “said the TV presenter.

Despite the fact that Buzova failed to maintain friendly relations with her ex-boyfriends, she stressed that in any case she did not return to her past relationship. The singer assures that she never goes backwards, but only forwards.

Olga Buzova

“Quotes from great people. The truth speaks through Olga Buzova’s mouth, ”the 36-year-old star said.

Also, the TV presenter did not miss the opportunity to heat up rumors about a new novel. After she announced her upcoming wedding, possibly in the next few months, Olga announced on the show that she was dating again. The last one was a week ago. However, she did not announce who the romantic dinner was with.

We will remind, with Dmitry Tarasov Buzova divorced in the end of 2016 after almost 5 years of marriage. According to the singer, the athlete betrayed her with Rostov model Anastasia Kostenko, by the way, who later became his third wife, and ruthlessly kicked her out into the street and took all the gifts, including a car. At that time, Olga was having a hard time with problems in her personal life, but she found solace in her music career.

Dmitry Tarasov and Olga Buzova

Buzova met David Manukyan during the filming of her music video for the song “Liker”. A spark immediately ran between the ex-lovers, but for the first time they hid the affair. The couple believed that happiness loves silence. Their relationship lasted about a year and a half and ended, according to Olga, also with betrayal by the chosen one.

Earlier, the TV star admitted that she had only had six serious relationships in her life. Who exactly do you read with here.


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