Against Algemein Sterling at UFC 273, not only Peter Ian, but everyone around

Sterling’s days are numbered. Not only Ian is against Aljo, but everyone around him

Eugene Narizhny

Ian will break Sterling.  Everyone is against Aljo

The American will feel very uncomfortable in a duel with the Russian in the United States.

The UFC 273 tournament will take place on the night of April 9-10 in Jacksonville, Florida.

Ian had already flown to America and immediately reminded Sterling of himself. “Aljo’s prayers have not been heard,” the Russian fighter wrote, and quickly received a response from a rival who promised to “bury” Peter. Does the Jamaican himself believe in what is written?

Sterling’s threats sound more and more comical each time. Algemain has no keys to victory over Jan, so there is a thrash current bordering on nonsense. Aljo selects successful angles in photos from the last fight, thinks that he was better in the rack and reposts the work of a few fans. At the same time, Sterling seems to be trying not to think about the real situation.

Jan is the king of thrash current.  He destroys opponents before battle
Jan is the king of thrash current. He destroys opponents before battle

On April 9 in Jacksonville, Algemain will have a hard time not only because Ian will arrange a declasse. The public will also destroy Sterling before and during the battle – the rare case in which America will support a fighter from Russia and against a compatriot. Fans saw how strong Ian was in the first match. He made the mistake of hitting his knee, but has already proved that it was a coincidence when he disassembled Corey Sandhagen. Aljo cried after the undeserved victory, and then believed that his belt was right, but all year he sat and endured the fight.

Nobody believes in Sterling. There is not a single poll on the Internet about the outcome of the fight with Jan, in which Algemain would win. The Russian champion always wins with a proportion of about 70% to 30%. According to Peter’s manager Sayat Abdrakhmanov, during the UFC 257 tournament, where Conor fought with Porye, Sterling was shown on a media cube – the crowd immediately booed him.

Jamaica and bookmakers do not believe. The odds of Aljo winning in some offices are approaching 6 – probably in the history of the UFC has never considered the reigning champion so incompetent.

Ian flew to America without a second. Only the manager came with him, but that was unlikely to save Sterling. There is no doubt that Peter will find or have already found suitable corners. And if it doesn’t work out, Sayat, who was already in Peter’s corner and had personal experience in MMA at the amateur level, will lead in time and highlights.

Dana White defends Jan and Makhachev.  The UFC president doesn't want to give up on our fighters
Dana White defends Jan and Makhachev. The UFC president doesn’t want to give up on our fighters

Algemein can only enjoy the support of friends from the Serra-Longo Fight Team – the same Merab Dvalishvili is always happy to say something unpleasant about Peter. But Sterling will go to the cage without Merab. He will probably be in the corner, but the power of thought will not pass the top skills. Ian will smear Aljo to the delight of the audience, and from that moment the Jamaican will no longer be the same. It is likely that he will repeat the fate of Marlon Moraes – from the status of one of the best to the end of his career.

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