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The director of “From the Car” and “Annihilation” was impressed by the anime series, which he began to watch on the advice of his daughter.

Garland noted that he did not use specific images or ideas from “Attack of the Titans” in his film – he began watching the anime series relatively recently, and began writing the script for “Male Gender” 15 years ago.

However, “Attack of the Titans” struck him so much that he began to think about how he could make his film better, began to “rethink and reinvent it.”

I’m watching her with her daughter, who once said to me, “Dad, you need to see this.” And the series just shocked me. It is multi-level and complex, and an interesting thing has been done with the Titans in it: they have a human appearance, but with small changes on the verge of ridiculous, funny. And it was done boldly and confidently.

Therefore, the series balances between the absurd and something really scary. I was very impressed. And I thought after that that I might be too lazy. I do not know how to say more about it. I thought, maybe I’m not so good and I work as well [авторы этого аниме] and that I need to work harder. And so I began to rethink the “male race”, to reinvent it.

Alex Garland

screenwriter, director

Garland, apparently, has not yet watched “Attack of the Titans” to the end, but did not specify what season he stopped.

The director is known for such films as “Annihilation” and “Out of the Car”, as well as for the series “Programmers”. “Male” was released worldwide on May 20, and in Russia it will be released on June 23. The film tells the story of a widow who encounters strange visions in the English countryside. The main role in it was played by Jesse Buckley (“Chernobyl”, “Fargo”).

The Attack of the Titans gave me the impetus. And when that happens, you get the opportunity to abstract from what you’re working on, to think clearly again, and to think not about what the idea of ​​the film was originally, but about what would be right to do for the film.

Alex Garland

screenwriter, director

“Volga” will release in Russian cinemas horror Men from A24 and Alex Garland – rental will begin 23 June

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It was initially reported that the film would not be released in Russia.

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