Alexander Yakovlev, who died of oncology, underwent 20 courses of chemotherapy

10:00, 02.04.2022

The star of the movie “Crew” has died at the age of 64.

Actress Alexandra Yakovleva passed away yesterday. In recent years, she has fought bravely against cancer. Back in 2017, the actress was diagnosed with the last stage of breast cancer. Hearing the diagnosis, the actress fell into depression and lost meaning in life.
Doctors then assumed that Yakovleva would not be able to resist the disease for long. Doctors initially gave her only a few months, as the disease progressed too quickly. However, the actress persistently continued treatment and was able to live for several more years.

Alexandra Yakovleva underwent 20 courses of chemotherapy. The actress said that the most difficult thing for her was the painful recovery after the procedures. At some point, long-term treatment began to give a positive result. Doctors told the actress that the tumor had stopped growing. To the last, despite the metastases in the brain, she maintained clarity of mind and inner core. However, Alexandra Yevgenyevna’s body could not bear the disease, she died on April 1.

Alexander Yakovlev in the film “Crew”

In January this year, Yakovleva got in touch after a long break. She said she survived the operation. According to her, the rehabilitation should have taken about three months. Alexandra Yevgenyevna said that it is too early to think about full recovery and discharge, but at that time the actress felt well, but she did not know when doctors will be able to discharge her from the clinic. She also shared details of the rehabilitation. The actress relied on good sleep, quality food, fresh air and rest from any activity.

Alexandra Yakovleva admitted that she was very worried on the eve of the operation. Despite long-term treatment, this was the first surgery since the tumor was discovered. An hour before the operation, the actress consulted an anesthesiologist for about an hour to calm down. The specialist assured her that everything would go well and you should not be nervous. Doctors removed the tumor for almost three hours.

Alexander Yakovlev

Yakovleva’s acquaintances noted that she had been cheerful and energetic lately. Announcer Vladimir Berezin saw the actress a few months ago. He said that he knew about Alexandra Yakovlevna’s illness, but did not notice any signs during the meeting. “She was full of energy, she said clearly and very, very specifically:” Yes, we have an hour and a half, let’s start. I can’t do it anymore – I’m tired. ” Although a few hours later she left without a shadow of fatigue. If I hadn’t been aware, I would never have believed that this beautiful and strong woman was seriously ill. There was no break in it, only the inner iron rod, “the TV presenter shared in a conversation with” KP “.

Alexandra Yakovleva had many creative plans. She dreamed of shooting a new picture dedicated to the 800th anniversary of Alexander Nevsky. The actress said that she is worried that the current generation is beginning to forget the origins and classics, so she wants to enlighten young people with their own work. By the way, the film has been in development since the middle of last year. In May, the actress published the first footage from the filming of “Prince”. The film will reflect such values ​​as respect, love and devotion to the Motherland. It was noted that five million rubles were allocated from the Development Fund of the Trans-Baikal Territory for the filming of the film.

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