Alexei Chadov refused to marry his girlfriend and confessed to betraying Agnia Ditkowski

The actor gave a very candid interview

Alexei Chadov is an enviable bachelor in his 40s. The actor is in demand in the profession, good in himself and well-off. However, he is in no hurry to lead the new bride to the crown. After the divorce with Agnia Ditkowski star “9 companies” and “Survival Games” focuses on theater and film, as well as self-education.

Alexei Chadov, parting with Agnia Ditkowski, wrote stormy novels. However, he is in no hurry to remarry. “I don’t like one-day love with a woman. I am a long distance person “– the actor told on air of show “Alena, damn!”.

Chadov speaks tenderly about his relationship with his ex-wife, who is raising a son by him Fedor. According to the celebrity, they lived “ten happy years, which are fateful for such a relationship.”

Chadov speaks tenderly about Agnia Ditkowski. Photo: EG archive

He noted that he broke up with his wife quietly, and the decision to divorce was not spontaneous. It’s just that at some point they realized they had gone their own way, and their paths diverged. Chadov admitted that he and Agnia betrayed each other. “Treason can be forgiven. We are not all sinless. I’m not a saint myself either. I do not like to talk about this topic. This is a personal relationship. We lived together for a wonderful ten years. We have something to brag about. It was a wonderful and real life. And the confirmation is our charming son. We have passed our way “– the star argues.

The actor added that his ex-wife now has a new husband, and he is sincerely happy for her. According to Chadov, they have a wonderful relationship.

Alexei Chadov with his son Fedor. Photo: Boris Kudryavov

The star of the series “Moscow Novel” and “Flying Crew” does not hide that now there is a lover next to him, but he has no serious plans with her. “If I were married, everyone would know. Now I do not make such plans in the relationship that I have. “– said the artist.

He has been dating a yoga coach for four years Laysan Galimova. Lovers go out into the light and relax together at the resorts. “I do not have a principled position not to get married. As soon as I realize that this is the mother of my children, it will happen in a second. I just want a serious attitude to this. You still see the prospect of a relationship, you feel whether you are destined for the person for whom you met. “– the actor explained.

Main PHOTO: Kudryavtseva Larisa

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