Alla Pugacheva calls Boris Moiseyev from Israel

It is said that the diva went abroad to improve her health, and the artist follows the recommendations of a doctor in Moscow.

Always in touch: Alla Pugacheva calls Boris Moiseyev from Israel. Photo: Larisa Kudryavtseva / EG / Mikhail Frolov

Boris Moiseev and Alla Pugacheva are old friends. They have not parted for more than thirty years. Wherever fate brings each of them, they call once a month, talk about everything.

Today, the diva is with her husband and children in Israel, where she flew in early March and has no plans to return to Russia. It is said that Alla Borisovna is improving her health, and she has long called Israel her “place of strength.”

Boris Moiseev is busy with the same thing, but in Moscow. He has long been living on the recommendations of doctors, after a stroke the artist could not recover to the end, in his creative career had to put an end.

“Boris Mikhailovich is in a stable condition, taking medication. Once a month, consult with your doctor. He hasn’t smoked for two years, the hardest thing was to give up the habit. He calls himself a well-deserved pensioner and lives in harmony, ”Sergei Gorokh, director of Boris Moiseyev, told about the artist’s condition.

The housekeeper helps to manage household issues, and friends and colleagues regularly provide leisure, however, by phone.

“He is always in touch with friends and colleagues. He is always in touch with Alla Borisovna, ”Sergei Gorokh confirmed.

Alla Pugacheva
Alla Pugacheva. Photo: social networks

The last time the actress called a friend from Israel was on his birthday, March 4. They talked on the phone for a long time, discussing further plans.

Alla Borisovna’s plans, of course, remained secret. But Boris Moiseev has a secret desire, he intends to implement it this summer.

Boris Moiseev
Boris Moiseev. Photo: Boris Kudryavov / KP

For two years he has been planning to go on vacation to Jurmala, where the artist has a three-room apartment. The singer bought housing in the early 2000s, furnished it to his liking, and brought elements from around the world for decoration.

Today, the luxury property has been transferred to Christina Orbakayte, she will be the heiress of the artist.

“He really wants to go to Jurmala in the summer. Let’s see how the circumstances will develop. Boris Mikhailovich is very sorry that he has not been able to visit his favorite resort for two years now due to obvious restrictions, ”our interlocutor shared.

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