Ambassador of the Russian Federation: British anti-ship complexes in Ukraine will be legitimate targets of the Russian Armed Forces

The actions taken by the British government in Ukraine are aimed at further escalation of the situation, Russian Ambassador to the United Kingdom Andrei Kelin is convinced. He called London’s position “ostrich” and expressed confidence that the British authorities were trying to harm Moscow. The diplomat noted that British anti-ship complexes in Ukraine could become legitimate targets of the Russian Armed Forces.

According to the ambassador, Great Britain “creates a picture such as, apparently, it is seen from the bunker” of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. According to Mr. Kelin, on the basis of these ideas, London makes decisions and makes statements “which are generally contrary to reality.” “It’s an ostrich position, it’s an attempt to hide its head in the sand from helplessness and blind rage. These wrong decisions are very dangerous because they are aimed at continuing the conflict, at the unwillingness to work for a settlement. They testify to the desire to harm our side as much as possible, “Andrei Kelin told TASS.

He claims that the Ukrainian authorities have transferred control of the situation to Western partners. According to the ambassador, the decisions and ideas expressed by the British leadership are “aimed at aggravating the situation, at further escalation.” Mr. Kelin noted that the supplies of long-range artillery and anti-ship systems announced by Great Britain would become legitimate targets of the Russian Armed Forces in the event of their arrival in Ukraine.

“Any supply of weapons is destabilizing, especially those mentioned by Wallace (British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace.” “B”). They aggravate the situation, make it even bloodier. This seems to be new, fairly high-precision weapons. Of course, they will be legitimate targets for our armed forces if they cross the Ukrainian border, “the ambassador stressed.

Russia has been conducting a military operation in Ukraine since February 24. Against this background, Andrei Kelin said in early March that Russia’s diplomatic relations with Britain could be severed. Sources told The Times on April 1 that the British authorities advised Ukraine not to hurry to conclude a peace agreement with Russia. According to the publication, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants anti-Russian sanctions to continue to intensify until all Russian troops leave the territory of Ukraine and Crimea.

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