Amediateka presented the novelties of April 2022

Documentary mini-series, sequels to popular projects and much more

Continuation of new seasons

Killing Eve (Season 4)

The finale of the brightest spy thriller of today. The fourth season of “Killing Eve” effectively completes the long-standing game of cat and mouse of two different, but equally obsessed with their work personalities: MI5 employee Eva Polastri and assassin Villanel. Both women are fighting against the mysterious organization of the “Twelve”, but each has its own personal missions: Eve – associated with revenge, Villanelle – with a ghostly hope for a new life.

“Blood” (2 season)

Continuation of an easy and lively comedy about the strange friendship of two very different doctors. The second season of the series “Blood” is a new chapter in the relationship between Malik and Wendy, who are just trying to do their job. However, often their visits to patients turn into a real theater of the absurd. In the second season, the cast of the series was joined by Catherine Kelly and Nathan Food.

Premieres you could have missed

Star Wars: A Journey to the Edge of the Galaxy

A special TV show about Disneyland Theme Park Star Wars: The Land of the Galaxy. The host is actor Neil Patrick Harris. Speshl will allow you to look behind the scenes of an impressive park, which fights on the spot not only fans of the legendary space franchise. Participants in the special issue include Kaylee Cuoco, John Boyega and Keegan-Michael Key.

“Tourist” (1 season)

TV series with Jamie Dornan and Daniel MacDonald. The protagonist of the drama “Tourist” is a British man chased by a big truck in the Australian outback. The chase literally takes away everything from him: soon the man wakes up in the hospital without memory. The hero can’t remember what happened to him, how he was brought here, who he is. Now the main task of the British is to restore the chain of events and get his life back. But it will be extremely difficult to do, despite the fact that the ghosts of the past seem to be somewhere nearby.

«Someone somewhere» (1 season)

A therapeutic series about finding oneself, produced by the Duplass brothers. “Someone Somewhere” introduces viewers to Sam, a woman who doesn’t feel at home in her hometown. But she has a favorite thing – singing, which saves a woman from loneliness. When loss comes into her life, she begins to rediscover the world. It turns out that you can find people close to him in spirit, just as unorganized, but desperate to dream of finding their voice.


Dramedy starring the great Meryl Streep. LET THEY SAY – This is the story of Honored Writer Alice Hughes, who is finishing her next book. Her agent Karen (Gemma Chan) persuades the woman to go to the prestigious award in London. Because Alice is afraid to fly, she sails to her destination on a cruise liner in the company of her nephew (Lucas Hedges) and two longtime friends (played by Diane Whist and Candice Bergen). This seemingly insignificant journey will change many lives.

The Righteous Jamestones (Season 2)

The second season of the Righteous Gemstones project will tell you what internal fights between cunning TV preachers have led to. Will they be able to resolve conflicts? When will the flock bite them? Comedian Eric Andre and actor Jason Schwartzman joined the cast.

“Five Rooms” (3 season)

Painful betrayal, great hopes, new tests of feelings of strength – all this and a little more will be in the third season of the project “Five Rooms”. The first wedding for the series is also looming on the horizon.

“Aliens from the Past” (Season 2)

The second season of the series “Aliens from the Past” continues to immerse viewers in a world where people from different eras are trying to find a common language. The main characters Lars and Alfhildr are investigating new murders. In particular, they will have to face Jack the Ripper himself. What is the reason for his mysterious disappearance? And didn’t he accidentally move to modern Oslo?

Premieres of documentary mini-series and films

“Underwater Current: Kim Wall’s Disappearance”

A documentary about the high-profile disappearance of journalist Kim Wall. She went missing in 2017. The woman was last seen on a boat with businessman Peter Madsen, whom the journalist was to interview. Her body was found 11 days later at sea. “Underwater: Kim Wall’s Disappearance” is a detailed chronicle of the investigation, from the disappearance of the journalist (very popular: her articles were published in The New York Times, Vice and other publications) to the trial of the killer, who changed his version of history several times.


A documentary where famous actors and actresses “revive” the program speeches of Frederick Douglas, an American writer, educator and black rights activist. The project involved Coleman Domingo, Nicole Behari, Jonathan Majors, Jeffrey Wright and others. FREDERICK DOUGLAS: IN FIVE SPEECHES – The opportunity to listen to another page of American history. Douglas’s own voice has never been recorded, but his speeches inspire the fight against inequality to this day.


A documentary about the American businessman Carl Aikan, who is often called “the lone wolf from Wall Street.” The film AIKAN: A TIRELESS BILLIONAIRE will tell about the career of one of the most interesting financiers in history, exposing the contradictions and whims of this astute man in business. Invariably remaining at the top, the billionaire became famous as a skilled strategist and a frightening negotiator. In the film, his personality is revealed from new angles through interviews with family members and real titans of the financial industry.

“Shark with Steve Buckshall”

Steve Buckshall is a well-known British researcher, writer and TV presenter who has collaborated with the National Geographic Channel and the Discovery Channel. He is constantly on the lookout for non-obvious topics for his work, which are closely related to nature. “Shark with Steve Buckshall” is a candid series where sharks are revealed from a new angle: viewers learn that the label of cold-blooded predators is not entirely true.

“Music box: Notched”

A documentary about singer Alanis Morissette and her legendary album Jagged Little Pill. The film is part of the anthology “Music Box”, created by Bill Simmons and tells about significant events and personalities in the music industry. The album Jagged Little Pill was released in 1995 and brought Alanis to the major leagues. It became one of the best-selling CDs in history. Morissett was able to break the “glass ceiling” for many girls with guitars for generations to come, and Jagged Little Pill is still not forgotten: for example, in 2018, he staged a musical.

TV series for the Day of Cosmonautics

“Moon Base 8”

A space comedy from the creators of “Portland”. Lunar Base 8 tells the story of three astronauts who train endlessly in a NASA lunar base simulator. They really want to get on a real mission, but first they have to learn everything on their home planet. Starring indie icons Tim Heidecker and Fred Armisen, as well as John C. Riley, all three also wrote.

Avenue 5

“Doctor House” star Hugh Laurie is once again leading a large team, this time in space. In the comedy sci-fi series “Avenue 5”, the audience’s favorite plays Ryan Clark, the captain of a spaceship in the world of the future, where travel outside our planet has become a popular form of tourism. One of these cruises is not going according to plan: the liner breaks down and Clark has to do everything possible to save the situation. Director and screenwriter of the project – Armando Iannucci (series “Thickness of Events”, “Vice President”, film DEATH OF STALIN).

Astronaut Wives Club

In the drama “Astronaut Wives Club” tells the story of the lives of seven women who played a crucial role in one of the most important episodes in American history. Seven women turned from military women into America’s elite almost overnight when NASA chose their husbands, talented test pilots from around the country to become the first Americans in space. The wives of astronauts, previously unfamiliar with each other, will unite around their husbands for the sake of their country and, in anticipation of future dangers, will form strong bonds of friendship that only they can understand. Alan Shepard will be the first to go into space. His wife, Louise, is resilient, aware of the difficulties of space exploration and trying to cope with her responsibilities as a mother and wife. She is assisted by the wives of other astronauts. The space race has begun.


The game series “Orville” from the creator of “Griffins” Seth McFarlane – a comedic declaration of love for “Star Trek”. Officer Ed Mercer moves up the career ladder to the coveted position of captain of a galactic cruiser, but finds his wife with an alien and loses faith in himself. Mercer will soon finally lead his own crew. However, the joy of the appointment is marred by a meeting with the former, which is assigned to him in the team.


Science fiction series about special agents on a dangerous mission. The wreckage will show a study of a wrecked spacecraft. It would seem to be routine work. However, the wreckage of an alien ship can affect the laws of physics and human behavior. The two special agents have a long way to go in this strange business – in every sense.

For fans of the series “Euphoria”


The plot of the series “Chi” takes place in southern Chicago, in disadvantaged areas where crime is rampant. Locals have to face dangers every day, risk themselves and try to make a living, but it is very difficult to do so legally. A sudden turn of events, shocking the population of the area, confronts Emmett, Brandon, Ronnie and Kevin, linking these teenagers forever.

“Head of the class”

A remake of the 1986 sitcom of the same name from the producer of “Clinic” and “Ted Lasso”. The “Elder of the Class” series is the story of teacher Alicia Adams (Isabella Gomez) and her gifted students. Like the original project, the remake raises important issues of adulthood and generational conflict. The main characters will learn to focus on life experiences, not assessments. The series was written by Amy Pocha and Seth Cohen (“American Vandal”).

“Sex life of female students”

A series about the turbulent life of American college students. The author of the project is actress and screenwriter Mindy Kaling (“Office”). At the heart of the story are freshmen at Essex College, whose adult life is just beginning. Each has its own bright character, so emotional clashes are inevitable. New acquaintances, new impressions and new challenges – how will they cope?


A series about youth in the spirit of “Euphoria”. The series “Generation” tells the story of high school students who fall in love, swear at their parents, try to deal with their own gender and sexual identity. The project is based on the personal experience of Zelda Barnes, one of the producers of the show, and promises to give an honest look at modern teenagers.

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