American doctors have maimed the Russian NHL star. But Tarasenko was written off early

The game of the Russian hockey player is amazing. Vladimir is dragging St. Louis and has already broken the 500 point mark.

“St. Louis” is delighted with Vladimir Tarasenko. The Russian hockey player scored the 500th point in the NHL, brought victory to the team and became the first star of the game day. No one remembers that until recently, Vladimir was on the verge of leaving hockey due to a mistake made by American doctors.

Two lost seasons and a strained relationship with the club’s management. This is the price Tarasenko paid for the low qualification of doctors from the United States.

Fortunately, even such tests did not prevent the Russian Tank from returning to the ice.

“Something went wrong”

The 2018/19 season was the last in which the Russian played more than half of the matches. After that, for two years, the hockey player could not reach his high level due to shoulder problems. During this time, Vladimir went through all the circles of hell. But that didn’t break him psychologically.

Three times in such a short period of time, the Russian visited the operating table, where he underwent surgery on the unfortunate shoulder joint. Twice the interventions of doctors did not bring the desired effect. After returning to action, the hockey player played half-heartedly.

– They did something wrong, I could not play physically – from every contact, throw and fight flew shoulder, – said Tarasenko.

It should be understood that the two unsuccessful operations were performed by surgeons provided to the player by the club. American doctors simply crippled the star hockey player from Russia. Only on the third attempt was it possible to find a normal specialist who solved the problem with the shoulder. But even after that, Tarasenko’s prospects looked bleak: he missed too much due to medical errors.

In this difficult situation, the club, not believing in the full return of the “Russian tank”, also did not support the player. When the captain’s seat became vacant at St. Louis, Tarasenko logically hoped to get a “C” stripe on his sweater. Still eight years at the club and almost always in the lead, but management decided otherwise, making captain Ryan O’Reilly.

Vladimir wiped his nose at the skeptics

It is logical that in the summer the player himself officially requested an exchange from the club. The “musicians” are rumored to have asked for a too high price for Tarasenko. The heavy forward contract has also repelled many potential buyers. As a result, Vladimir remained in St. Louis and began the regular season, laying out in full and not causing scandals. In this situation, the player can only be praised.

Tarasenko is well prepared for the season. The injured shoulder no longer binds him on the ice. Climbed up and performance. He is now one of the team’s top scorers. Vladimir already has 58 points (23 + 35). He follows the grandmaster schedule – one effective action per game. Before the personal record in the NHL regular season 17 points. It is likely that this achievement will not stand, given the chic shape of the player.

At the same time, Tarasenko’s performance directly affects the results of the club, which not so long ago treated him not in the best way. In the game against “Vancouver”, he participated in three goals: twice assisted his teammates, and also scored one goal. The final result of 4: 1 in favor of the “musicians” eloquently testifies to the benefits that Tarasenko brings to “St. Louis”. For this he was deservedly chosen as the first star of the day.

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