American gymnasts led by Byles are demanding $ 1 billion from the FBI. All of them are victims of the violent doctor Nassar – 09.06.2022

In 2018, a rapist from the United States Larry Nassara put in jail. This allowed the gymnasts, whom he had corrupted, to start a new life. It seemed that this was the end of everything, but it was not there. It turned out that a hundred years of doctor’s punishment for the victims was not enough. Multiple Olympic and world champion Simona Bylesas well as other athletes went further to prosecute officials who have long turned a blind eye to action Nassara.

It all started last year, when Byles returned from the Olympics in Tokyo, where she performed below her means. Together with Alexandra Reisman, Maggie Nichols and McCall Maroni Byles spoke in the US Senate, saying that a large number of victims could have been avoided if the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Gymnastics Federation and the Olympic Committee (USOPC) responded to the first complaints. They appeared in 2015, but then either no one wanted to understand the abuse of the doctor, or everyone decided that the gymnasts are composing.

In the end, it all ended with that Nassar ruined the lives of more than 300 girls. No one is surprised that the athletes insisted in the fall of 2021 on the dissolution of the board of directors USOPCturning to the country’s Congress, and now want compensation from the FBI. Byles and other victims (about 90 people) are demanding more than $ 1 billion from the doctor for failing to stop him.

“If the FBI had just done its job, Nassara would have stopped before he had the opportunity to rape hundreds of girls, including me, “said a former gymnast at the University of Michigan Samantha Roy.

The Inspector General said that an investigation was launched in 2016, but who can be convinced now. Until the arrest Nassar continued to work and rape gymnasts, therefore Byles and Co. have a right to be displeased with the FBI. Right now, the bureau has six months to respond to the lawsuit. Interestingly, the new case began two weeks after the Ministry of Justice refused to punish agents who did poorly in 2015 with regard to Nassara.

Michigan State University has not contacted the victims, but will voluntarily pay $ 500 million to gymnasts who have been abused Nassara. Federation, Olympic and Paralympic US committees reached a settlement agreement of 380 million dollars. I wonder if the FBI will go against the athletes or pay compensation?

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