An experimental legal regime for drones has been established in the Tomsk region

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Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin has signed a decree establishing an experimental legal regime for the Tomsk region to operate unmanned aerial vehicles. This will allow the region to begin tests to deliver large loads by drones.

We will remind, in 2018 in the Tomsk region the federal project “Taiga” directed on creation in the region of the experimental area of ​​delivery of freights with use of drones started. The project plans to create a service and transport company for the development of unmanned aerial vehicles in remote and inaccessible areas of the region.

In 2021, a demonstration launch of cargo drones took place in the region to test the readiness of the Tomsk region to launch an experimental legal regime for the use of cargo drones. Authorities expected to launch drone delivery in 2022.

According to the regional administration, the head of the Cabinet of Ministers approved in the resolution the main vectors of development of unmanned services. This is the transportation of goods up to one and a half tons, aerial photography, primarily for the inspection of pipelines, power lines and other infrastructure facilities. Also – the implementation of aviation work, mainly – aerochemical, which will implement safe for humans principles of “precision farming” and expand the geography of their application.

The government has decided that a project to create an intelligent platform “Dome” will be implemented to comprehensively address all the challenges arising in the organization of the experimental area. The platform will ensure the digitalization of the use of unmanned aerial systems for the national economy, “the statement said.

Governor Sergei Zhvachkin said that the Tomsk region has “enormous potential for unmanned technologies.”

“The experimental legal regime now gives us the opportunity to put all our projects into practice – in the interests of the economy and people’s daily lives,” the governor said.

It is noted that the government has approved a list of subjects of the experimental legal regime. This is the operator of the experimental area (LLC “Regional Operator Unmanned Systems”), as well as operating organizations: “SibAeroCraft”, “Aeromax”, “Tiber”, “Plas”, “Automation and Programming Technologies”, “Industrial Drones”, NGO “Radar MMS”, KB “Rus”, National Helicopter Center named after Mile and Kamov, Institute of Thermophysics named after Kutateladze SB RAS and Siberian Research Institute of Aviation named after Chaplygin.


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