Anastasia Makeeva stated that her husband’s ex-wife extorted money from strangers

18:55, 26.03.2022

The actress decided to tell the whole truth about Svetlana Malkova.

Recently Svetlana Malkova moved from Slovenia to the United States. The artist settled in Seattle, where she plans to open her own art school and get married. She talks about all this on social networks, which she created specifically to discuss her ex-husband Roman Malkov and his current wife Anastasia Makeeva. The actress, in turn, decided to change the theme of her YouTube channel, which she entrusted to her assistant named Nick.

“I voluntarily gave it away (channel – Note ed.) Nike production under her altruistic desire to broadcast the truth about the fraud of Svetlana Malkova. These resources will tell you in detail about how you can make money on your own children and people’s pity. But I only gave a platform for activists’ publications. For those interested, the YouTube channel is called “Not Anastasia Makeeva”, – Makeeva wrote on social networks (spelling and punctuation of the authors here and hereafter is given without changes. – Note ed.).

Roman Malkov and Anastasia Makeeva

“Welcome to the official YouTube channel, which will present the truth about Svetlana Malkova, who for two years was engaged in organized harassment of actress Anastasia Makeeva and her family and even those who supported the actress. She extorted money from kind and sympathetic people and with this money she traveled to Venice, Paris and eventually drove to America. There will be a detailed story about her actions and her accomplices, ”reads the caption to the channel’s description.

Svetlana Malkova reacted swiftly to Makeeva’s initiative. “A sick woman where her parents look. I decided to make my YouTube channel popular in my name. Nastya, Nastya… better tell yourself about yourself, how the priest was deceived and got married, believe me, the views will break records, ”Malkova wrote on social networks.

Svetlana Malkova with children

In May last year, Anastasia Makeeva married Roman Malkov. The businessman became the fourth husband of the actress. For the sake of his beloved, Roman left his wife Svetlana with three children. The Malkovs’ eldest son chose to live with his father and his new wife.

Makeeva has repeatedly spoken out against her mother of many children. This happened once again when Malkova moved to America. Makeeva believes that the move was made without proper preparation and without her father’s permission. According to Anastasia, Svetlana is in the United States as an “illegal” without money and documents. According to Makeeva, the mother of many children is not accountable for her actions and is in a mad state. Svetlana, in turn, said she would sue the actress if she continued to harass.

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