Anastasia Zavorotnyuk’s daughter told how she will celebrate her mother’s cancer birthday

16:36, 03.04.2022

The actress turned 51 years old.

Today Anastasia Zavorotnyuk celebrates her birthday. The actress turned 51 years old. In her personal microblog, her daughter Anna told how the artist will celebrate a joyful event. Zavorotnyuk Jr. admitted that she would spend the day with her parents with her family.

On social networks, Anna touchingly congratulated her mother on the holiday, wishing her health. “Today is the birthday of the most important and dear person in my life. If it weren’t for you, Mommy, I wouldn’t be in this world, you gave yourself to us, we love you infinitely and are infinitely grateful. I love you very much and wish you the best of health, let all the bad go away. Your anchovy “, – the daughter of the actress shared her heartfelt wishes (the spelling and punctuation of the authors here and hereafter are given without changes. – Note ed.).

Anastasia and Anna Zavorotnyuk

We will remind, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk fights with oncology of a brain some years. Little is known about her health, as relatives do not want to expose the problems of the star of the series “My beautiful nanny” to the public. However, her daughter periodically shares details about her mother’s well-being. On March 25, Anna told new details about the actress’ condition. “My mother is slowly, but you understand – the disease is very terrible, dangerous. But she’s a fighter for me. I’m sure she can handle everything. She is a real smart girl, ”said Zavorotnyuk Jr. The girl noted that she regularly visits her mother. She admitted that she considers family relationships to be one of her most important values.

By the way, Anne often has to refute numerous rumors about her mother’s health. In February, new information began to spread about the artist’s illness, but Zavorotnyuk Jr. said that these speculations have nothing to do with reality. At the time, she noted that doctors commenting on her mother’s condition were not the artist’s attending physicians. Anna called such people charlatans who parasitize on Anastasia’s illness.

Anna Zavorotnyuk

Zavorotnyuk’s daughter is suffering from her mother’s illness. Last week, Zavorotnyuk’s daughter told about her loss of appetite after the news about her mother’s illness. Anna was under a lot of stress and couldn’t eat anything. This behavior led her to anorexia nervosa. At that time, she had to force herself to eat to bring her body healthy.

In July last year, she admitted that she has been battling depression for several years: the girl suffers from anxiety, depressed mood and panic attacks. To get her hands on her feet, Anna turned to a psychologist. “In this regard, I began to turn to different specialists. And in the end, I found my psychologist, who pulls me out of the black hole. I will be grateful to her until the end of my days. Don’t ask for contact, she has clients under her belt, ”Anna said.

Anna Zavorotnyuk

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