Anna Semenovich complained about the persecution of Russians in Europe

Anna Semenovich.

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

Anna Semenovich complained about the oppression of Russians in Europe. The singer told about her friend from Italy, who was not allowed into the store because she is Russian. Everything that happens deeply infuriates the artist.

– There is a completely unfair, disgusting persecution of the Russian people. When the West refuses to treat our children with cancer. When my friend, who lives in Italy, is not allowed into the store because she is Russian… This is pure Russophobia, for which it is impossible to find an excuse. Hypocrisy as it is, – the singer is sure.

Anna believes that the artists who fled to the West, as well as those who now speak negatively about Russia, have shown their true face.

– There are artists who acted very ugly and went into direct insults, which is unacceptable. Perhaps it is good that the masks were torn off and some of the artists showed their true faces. In our country, without them, there is someone to sing, to do it honestly and from the heart, – said the singer in an interview with “Evening Moscow”.

Semenovich does not hide that in recent days she has been getting a lot of hatred in comments on social networks. the actress is sure that there are still more intelligent people than those who sow hatred.

– Of course, I got a wave of hatred for thoughts and statements. Saves and reassures a huge number of messages and comments with words of support, which are many times more. Thank you that there are many more adequate people. And our strength is in our unity and support today, – Semenovich is sure.

Earlier, Anna enthusiastically supported the departure of many Western brands from Russia, including the closure of the McDonald’s fast food chain. The actress reminded that in Russia there are many tasty and healthy products that will easily be an alternative to Western brands. Semenovich believes that the Russians will only benefit from the closure of fast food restaurants.

“No Coca-Cola?” Let’s survive, we have delicious “Baikal”, “Tarragon”, “Pinocchio”. And the fact that we and our children will stop eating from McDonald’s, so we will be healthier, slimmer and will not suffer from obesity! We will develop our small and big business, we are strong, we will cope with everything, – Semenovich said on social networks.

The singer urged fans not to panic and support domestic producers. According to her, thanks to the departure of Western brands, Russian production will only benefit.

– In our country, the production of products is very well established, and they are more than enough, you do not have to buy in a hurry all in a row. We have excellent dairy products, cereals, chickens, eggs, fish and fruit. Everything will be fine! – Semenovich is convinced.


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