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Star of the series “Tatiana’s Day”, “Yesenin”, “Pushkin. The Last Duel “and many others Anna Snatkina lately often gets the role of charming detectives. But the project “Mutual Consent” (see KION online cinema) by Valeria Guy Germanika was an exception: in it the actress played a girl named Catherine, a friend of the main character Anna Fedorova (Svetlana Ivanova), who survived a gang rape. Teleprogramma magazine asked Snatkin how to distinguish mutual consent from crime and how to keep calm in a rapidly changing world.

Investigator Nesterenko forces Ekaterina to talk about what she would rather forget about forever (with Andrei Kozlov, a scene from the TV series “Mutual Consent”). Photo: frame from the movie

– Anna, the series “Mutual Consent” – your first experience with Valeria. She is a non-trivial director and person. Many actors say that Germanica uses a sketchy method of working on the site, almost in improvisation mode. How were you?

– From the first days there was full trust and mutual understanding between me and Lera. I was very comfortable working with her. Lera really uses the sketch method. This expands the acting potential and gives inner freedom in the frame. There was no feeling that this was hard, exhausting work. I didn’t play anything, just the director controlled the feelings and emotions that were in me anyway. Lera is an atmospheric director, she seems to document what she sees around her in the script.

– That is thoroughly does not explain what to do?

– To thoroughly explain means to set a framework. Lera does not say how to play, this is your task, acting – you have to do this work at home, on your own. It can literally direct the desired energy level in two phrases. You understand that you can’t lie, you have to live your role. I will probably remember one of her phrases for the rest of my life, which I even began to use: “Stop pantomime for me here.”

These are very important, accurate words, because good, high-quality work is obtained when you are completely immersed in the role and do not think about anything else. You exist with your character, you pull out the most cherished things, about which, perhaps, you have never told anyone, no one knows about them. Lera reveals herself in a new way, Germanika is absolutely my director.

– What was the most unusual or new thing you had to face during the filming of the project?

– In Lera’s works her handwriting is immediately visible, this is called auteur cinema. I was struck by the degree of freedom provided by the director during the filming. Very often we shot big scenes in one shot. I didn’t think about where the camera was, where to stand and how to get to the light.

Our amazing cameraman Gennady Uspangaliyev caught every movement, and the light was set in such a way that we didn’t have to think about it. There was a feeling that you were not on the set, but in real life, and all this is happening here and now. This is the first time I have encountered such an approach. I confess, I was captivated by the style of Guy Germanica’s work.

Actress Anna Snatkina.  Photo: Pavel Shelkovnikov
Actress Anna Snatkina. Photo: Pavel Shelkovnikov

– Is the topic of rape and society’s attitude to their victims, raised in the series, not too complicated and toxic for Russian viewers?

“I don’t think it’s toxic.” Difficult – yes. But we need to talk about such topics. In my opinion, society should show more attention and sensitivity to women who have been abused by a male abuser. Sometimes psychological violence is much more severe and more difficult than physical violence.

The more often society raises such issues, the more likely it is that women will not hide what happened. Victims often feel oppressed, misunderstood and harassed, which is wrong. Another question is that there is a fine line between just retribution and a thirst for revenge.

– Have you ever experienced violence in your life? In childhood or school, adult life.

– I’m lucky, I have not encountered this. But the stories that came to me were sometimes awful. As a person who dedicated his childhood to sports, I remember that we had a pretty tough rivalry between girls, which can probably be interpreted to some extent as psychological violence against each other.

– So what’s worse, in your opinion?

– In “Mutual consent” the rather rigid subject of violence rises. And my heroine, Katya, is completely raped just psychologically. When you love selflessly, you endure the betrayal of a loved one. You find yourself hostage to a difficult situation, you understand that you can’t change anything. That’s when the very inner demons appear, which begin to drag you in different directions, and these problems can not be solved.

Many go to alcohol and drugs, but often it is the children who save us. At the expense of the child, women sometimes climb out of very deep pits, which is what happens to my heroine. It is bad when we live in disagreement with the world around us. But it is even worse when we are in a struggle with ourselves. Unfortunately, many do not cope with these tests.

“Children are our immortality”

Marrying a comedian is not a joke for you (with your beloved husband Viktor Vasilyev and daughter Veronica).  Photo: KP / Ivan Makeev
Marrying a comedian is not a joke for you (with your beloved husband Viktor Vasilyev and daughter Veronica). Photo: KP / Ivan Makeev

– There is a feeling that you are an extremely calm person. In our difficult times, how do you manage to maintain harmony and weather in the house? Is there a recipe to help avoid quarrels and stress?

– The only recipe is love. Stress, problems and bad moods need to be left outside the home.

– It is said that in life comedians are usually boring people. Slightly cynical and tired of jokes. What about your husband Victor, a comedian and showman?

– Maybe Vitya is an exception to the rule. He is neither cynical nor boring. It’s not about him. The husband always shares a good mood and creates a warm atmosphere in the house. Viti has a very positive attitude towards life.

– Are children the foundation of the family or a factor of additional stress and emotional load?

– Absolutely the foundation of the family. With their appearance, life takes on a new meaning. Children are our immortality.

“How does Veronica grow up?” How does it manifest itself?

– Our daughter is a very creative person. Veronica is professionally engaged in rhythmic gymnastics under the Honored Coach Irina Alexandrovna Wiener (Honored Coach of Russia, who raised a bunch of stars – Alina Kabayeva, Evgenia Kanaeva, Irina Chashchina, Laysan Utyasheva, etc.), studies foreign languages, attends theater, plays and plays theater on the piano. Veronica is quite wise for a nine-year-old child, very reserved, responsible and tidy.

– Do you have a place where you relax with the whole family?

– Yes, this is our home. We love to watch movies together and walk in nature. We also really like to travel. We choose completely different destinations, but, as a rule, we prefer to go to sea.

– Where do you usually try to celebrate your summer birthday? Is there a tradition?

– If we are in Moscow, it is usually a holiday in nature with family and friends. But if there is a holiday for my birthday, we go to warmer places.

– This year you and your husband will celebrate a tin wedding. What note could you make for yourself after 10 years of marriage?

– Sometimes Vitya and I do not believe that 10 years have passed. We look back and realize that these years have flown by like one day.

– What is the most difficult and pleasant thing in marriage?

– When you sincerely love, all the difficulties go into the background, you do not notice them. The most important thing is to give love, tenderness and warmth to each other. Do not forget to say every day that you love a person and will always be with him even in the most difficult situations.

  • “Mutual consent”,
  • KION Online Cinema, from March 18

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