Another loss of the “Crew”: Alexander Yakovlev left

Actress Alexander Yakovlev in the film “Wizards” in 2017.


Six years ago, the crowded Oktyabr cinema hosted the premiere of the new film “Crew-2”, shoveled in a modern version of the “Crew” version of 1979. The audience liked the film more, but there was a moment when the audience began to applaud long before the final titles. Alexander Yakovlev, the star of that old movie, appeared on the screen. And it was a strange feeling, joy, or something … There was something very right in the old movie. Something eternal, yes …

Luxurious by Soviet standards, the action movie was, in fact, both a melodrama and a drama. Both the young Alexandra Yakovleva and her passionate affair with the broken hero Leonid Filatov. And a rare for our movie erotic scene with her participation, which became part of the sexual education of several generations.

With Leonid Filatov in the film

With Leonid Filatov in the film “Crew”.


Alexandra Yevgenyevna has not acted in films since the 1990s. For different reasons. And those who were born in the second half of the 80’s may vaguely imagine how important her beauty, her smile, her courage were in the years when only People’s Artists Leonov, Papanov and Frunzik Mktrchan were allowed to run without pants, and just because it seemed ridiculous.

Alexander Abdulov and Alexander Yakovlev in the film

Alexander Abdulov and Alexander Yakovlev in the film “Wizards”. Photo:

Alexandra Yakovleva had “Wizards”, who, unfortunately, lost most of their charm due to the fact that Soviet humor has little to do with current life. But her sweetheart Alena Igorevna, enchanted by a witch, became the prototype of countless modern business women and ladies-managers of all levels.

Actress on the red carpet of the Moscow International Film Festival, 2017

Actress on the red carpet of the Moscow International Film Festival, 2017

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Her Miss Diana in “The Man from the Boulevard of the Capuchins”, naive and charming, allowed the actress to fall in love with those who resisted.

Alexandra Yevgenyevna preferred the path of a politician and an official to her acting career. She ran for the post of head of the city district in her native Kaliningrad, was deputy mayor, held serious positions in the Russian Railways.

Role in musical comedy

Role in the musical comedy “Bright Personality”, 1989. Left – Nikolai Karachentsov.


I want to believe that it brought her the same joy and satisfaction as her best films to us, the audience. But for some reason it is a pity that she, with her charm and talent, did not have to play more roles when the film began to develop.

In recent years, Alexander Yakovlev has been battling cancer, and she has not been able to win this fight. Many people will probably remember her as a politician and an official. But for millions, she is the same girl from the Crew, the one who shouts, smashing a fashionable speaker system with Christmas lights in the apartment of a pilot of international flights:

“She spoke! I said it because you wanted to hear it yourself! ”

Farewell, Alexandra Yevgenyevna! And thank you!

Alexander Yakovlev in May 2021

Alexander Yakovlev in May 2021

Photo: YouTube


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