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According to the actor, he was disgusted to see Smith’s standing ovation soon after the incident.

Kerry commented on the main scandal of the Oscar-2022 ceremony during an interview with CBS. The actor said he did not approve of the actions of Will Smith, who came on stage and slapped Chris Rock for joking about his wife.

However, Kerry was most outraged not by Smith’s behavior, but by the way those present at the Dolby Theater and the event organizers reacted to the incident. He is sure that the actor should have been treated like any ordinary person in such a situation and taken out of the hall, and applauding him after winning the nomination “Best Actor” was even less worth it.

I was disgusted. I was disgusted by the standing ovation. Apparently, Hollywood just has a small intestine, and all of Hollywood. It seemed to me that this is a very good indicator that we are no longer a “cool guys club”.

Jim Carrey


According to Kerry, it was possible to express one’s dissatisfaction with a joke without resorting to violence, and Rock had every right to turn to the police, even if the comedian refused.

He just doesn’t need these hassles. I would… I would say this morning that I am suing Will for $ 200 million because this video will now remain online forever, it will be everywhere. This insult will be remembered for a long time.

If you want to shout something out of the hall, express dissatisfaction, write something on Twitter, or something else… But you have no right to go on stage and hit a person in the face just for words. […]

Nobody expected such a reaction, because Will has some internal difficulties. And I wish him only the best, honestly. I have nothing against Will Smith, he has done many wonderful things. But it was an unpleasant moment.

Jim Carrey


In conclusion, the actor added that his behavior showed disrespect to his colleagues who were present in the hall that day, and definitely did not improve the image of the “Oscar”.

He darkened the starry hour of all who were there that evening. Many people worked hard to get there, to achieve their moment of glory, their reward for their hard work.

Being nominated for an Oscar is no easy task. You need to dedicate yourself completely to work. And from his side it was very selfish to spoil everything like that.

Jim Carrey


Earlier, the leaders of the American Film Academy said they would investigate what happened at the ceremony and take the necessary measures against Will Smith. Smith himself later apologized to Chris Rock and the entire Film Academy, saying that he himself considered his action “unacceptable and unforgivable.”

“Violence in any form is disgusting and destructive”: Will Smith publicly apologizes for the incident on Oscars

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The actor apologized to Chris Rock, noting that he reacted to his joke too emotionally.

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