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At the World Indoor Athletics Championships, which started in Belgrade, Serbia, one of the most prominent athletes in the world, the Swede Arman Duplantis, has already distinguished himself. The Olympic champion in pole vault managed to overcome the bar at a height of 6.2 m, thus updating his previous world record. The previous achievement, which he won two weeks ago at the same stadium during the open championship in Serbia, he improved by 1 cm.

Swedish athlete Arman Duplantis opened the World Indoor Athletics Championships with a super achievement. On the third attempt, he flew over a bar set at a height of 6.2 m, and broke his own world record.

Armand Duplantis is a phenomenon in this athletics discipline. Before the appearance of the Swede, she was associated, in fact, with a single figure – representing the USSR and Ukraine in the 1980s and 1990s, Sergei Bubka. It was impossible to compete with Bubka, who existed in a separate, some kind of space league. The height he took in 1993 (6.15 m) seemed to other athletes something unattainable, extraordinary.

Now, three decades later, Duplantis is in the same role, even though he is only 22 years old. A couple of years ago, he competed among juniors, but even then, against the general background, he stood out significantly and won the tournament for those who are not 20 years old. And then he started to mow – one by one – medals at the adult level. In 2018 he took the gold medal of the European Championship, then, a year later, the silver medal of the World Championship in Doha. The following season was a record-breaking year for Armand Duplantis: with a difference of one week, he overcame the bar of 6.17 m and 6.18 m at the tournaments in Toruń and Glasgow, respectively.

The Swedish jumper has only just resumed the record-breaking series after winning the 6.02m Tokyo Olympics. In early March, at the Serbian Open, he took a height of 6.19 m, and then at the same stadium, but two weeks later – jumped even higher, 1 cm.

“Nothing is impossible. Another title and another world record was a good day. In principle, this is something you can only dream of, “said the Swede after the competition, without hiding his joy.

For his rivals, such a height is really the limit of dreams, something out of the ordinary. Brazilian Tiagu Braz won silver at the World Championships in Belgrade with a jump of 5.95 m, and American Christopher Nielsen won bronze with a result of 5.9 m.

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