Authorities deny the detention of Ukrainian prisoners of war in the Vladimir region

The Vladimir White House has denied federal media reports that Russia’s human rights ombudswoman, Tatiana Moskalkova, will inspect the conditions in which Ukrainian soldiers who have laid down their arms are being held in the Vladimir region.

Vladimir region is on the federal agenda related to the events in Ukraine. On Saturday, April 2, Interfax
statedthat the Commissioner for Human Rights in Russia Tatiana Moskalkova will visit on Monday, April 4, in Vladimir, who laid down their arms the Ukrainian military, who arrived from Mariupol.

“A huge number of people (Ukrainian soldiers who laid down their arms – IF) came out of Mariupol. The day after tomorrow I will go to the Vladimir region, Vladimir, to see how they settled down, ” – Moskalkova said during a trip to the Republic of Crimea.

Interfax emphasizes that in Crimea Moskalkova was just checking the conditions of detention of servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who were taken prisoner during a special military operation.

Three hours later, the official telegram channel of the administration of the Vladimir region published a rebuttal. Vladimir White House confirms that on Monday, April 4, the region intends to visit the Commissioner for Human Rights in Russia Tatiana Moskalkova.

But the purpose of her visit, according to the regional authorities, is to inspect only temporary accommodation points for IDPs from the DPR and LPR in the Vladimir region.

The Vladimir White House emphasizes that there are no Ukrainian prisoners of war in the region, so Tatiana Moskalkova will not meet with them and assess the conditions of their detention:

“The information spread in some media about the presence of prisoners of war in the Vladimir region is unreliable.”

Such a drastic discrepancy between the information of the federal agency and the regional authorities is puzzling. Or the data on the whereabouts of Ukrainian prisoners of war in the Vladimir region are secret, but this secrecy is poorly maintained, including by a federal official. Or the state news agency misinterpreted the words of the ombudsman, who spoke about civilians, and journalists tied the refugees to the context of the inspection of prisoners of war, which was carried out in the Crimea Moskalkova.

Behind this information scandal, the news was lost that the Vladimir region has already overfulfilled the plan to accommodate refugees from the DPR and LPR in the region. It will be recalled that the Russian government has signed quotas for refugees in the regions, which must be accepted and maintained. The Vladimir region received one of the highest rates in Central Russia of 1,734 refugees.

From March 20, refugees began to be brought to the Vladimir region by train in batches of 200-400 people. There were a total of four such organized parties. And according to various estimates, about 1.3 thousand refugees have already been accommodated in the region.

However, according to the official telegram channel of the Vladimir region administration, as part of the information about the planned visit of the Federal Commissioner for Human Rights Tatiana Moskalkova, there are now 1,757 refugees from the DPR and LPR in the region. In addition to organized groups, another 410 refugees arrived in the Vladimir region on their own.


Vice-governor of the Vladimir region for domestic policy Dmitry Lyzlov in a telephone conversation with Zebra TV clarified several important circumstances.

First, the vice-governor assured that there are definitely no captured Ukrainian servicemen in the Vladimir region. Journalists from the state news agency simply linked the ombudsman’s words about the upcoming inspection of temporary refugee accommodation centers in 33 regions to the context of Moskalkova’s visit to Crimea related to the conditions of prisoners of war.

Secondly, the visit of the Commissioner for Human Rights in Russia Tatiana Moskalkova to the Vladimir region, according to Deputy Governor Lyzlov, is scheduled not for Monday, April 4, but for Tuesday, April 5. The ombudsman will check the work of several temporary shelters for refugees from Donbass.

Third, the situation with the federal quota for the reception of refugees in the Vladimir region is as follows. According to Vice-Governor Dmitry Lyzlov, there are now 1,347 refugees from the People’s Republic of Belarus and the Democratic People’s Republic of Belarus in the region in an organized manner. Formally, the federal quota of 1.7 thousand refugees has not yet been selected. But another 410 refugees arrived in the Vladimir region on their own, who are registered, but no money is allocated from the budget for their maintenance. It is likely that some of these independent refugees will express a desire to move from relatives to temporary accommodation. And then the government quota will be chosen. Meanwhile, about 400 more refugees from Donbass can be formally sent to the Vladimir region under the federal “limit”.

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