Bagrov, Marilyn and Tatarin: what happened to the actors of the films “Brother” and “Brother 2”

Sergey Bodrov – Danila Bagrov

The main role in both paintings was played by Sergei Bodrov. According to the plot, his hero Danila Bagrov returned from the First Chechen War and was involved in gang fights. To this day, the character remains “native” to many Russian viewers, as well as the words he uttered in dialogue with the American that power is in the truth, not in money.

Raised in an intelligent Moscow family of director Sergei Bodrov Sr. and art critic Valentina Bodrova, he also chose a creative profession. Despite graduating from Moscow State University with a degree in art history and theory, Bodrov followed in his father’s footsteps, making his film debut as an actor in The Caucasian Prisoner. However, it was the image of Danila Bagrov in Alexei Balabanov’s dilogy that became truly iconic. Soon the idol of millions and himself acted as a director with his first and only film “Sisters”. Bodrov’s next picture was to be the mystical parable of the Connected One, during which he died in 2002 with his film crew during a glacier gathering in the Karmadon Gorge. The tragic death shook the whole country. Bodrov was only 30 years old. The actor has two children left. His daughter Olga is currently filming, and his son Alexander has recently released a music album.

Victor Sukhorukov – Victor Bagrov

The role of the protagonist’s brother, a killer named Tatarin, brought Viktor Sukhorukov national fame. The image created by Sukhorukov turned out to be so convincing that the role of Tatarin was expanded.

Sukhorukov’s childhood was not easy: the artist was born into a poor family, actively participated in the upbringing of younger brothers and sisters, helped his parents. Combining evening school with factory work, he did not give up the dream of becoming an actor. After serving in the army, Sukhorukov worked as an electrician for some time and was preparing to enter the theater university. Luck smiled, and he joined GITIS. The actor became famous for his collaboration with Balabanov, with whom he starred in “Brother”, “Blindfolds”, as well as the noir “About Freaks and People”.

Now the 70-year-old actor continues to act in films, and not only in the role of the villain. Among his most notable works are the role of the heir to the Russian throne in the historical drama “Poor, Poor Paul” Vitaly Melnikov, director of the steel plant in “Not a Bread” Stanislav Govorukhin, the image of the abbot of the monastery in the “Island” Pavel Lungin, and Heinrich Himmler in ” Paradise ”by Andrei Konchalovsky.

Sukhorukov does not like to talk about his personal life. He has no wife or children. However, the artist is actively involved in the education of his nephew.

Svetlana Pismichenko – Sveta, tram driver

Svetlana Pismichenko got the role of Sveta tram driver in “Brother”. Her heroine saves Danila Bagrov from murderers, they have a short novel. In preparation for the role, the girl specifically learned to drive public transport. Currently, she is filming in the series “Streets of Broken Lanterns”, “Killing Force” and the film adaptation of “Morphine” Balabanov. In addition, the actress played in the Theater. Lensoveta, and also gave her voice to Nyusha from the animated series “Smeshariki”. Pismichenko has two children and a husband.

Sergei Murzin is a round bandit

Sergei Murzin played the role of the leader of a criminal group nicknamed Krugly, who was remembered by the audience due to his specific manner of speaking proverbs. The image of the bandit was so successful that the actor was often invited to criminal detectives (“Killing Force”, “Mole”, “Streets of Broken Lanterns”, “Bandit Petersburg”, “Generation P” and other projects with similar themes). In 2011, the actor married for the third time. He has four children from different marriages.

Maria Zhukova is Kat’s party girl

Maria Zhukova is remembered by viewers as the drug-addicted party girl Kat, who helps Danila, who arrived in St. Petersburg, not to get lost in the big city. However, contrary to expectations, after the success of Balabanov’s painting, the native of Yakutia did not become a sought-after actress. Her most recent works include cameo roles in The Eclipse and Trotsky. In the mid-1990s, she married, taking her husband’s last name, Milutin. She was already pregnant during the filming of “Brother”. After the rental, the actress gave birth to a son.

Yuri Kuznetsov is a German Hoffmann

Even before the filming of “Brother”, Yuri Kuznetsov was known to viewers for his role as Amanita in “Street of Broken Lanterns”, as well as the film “My Friend Ivan Lapshin” by Alexei Herman. In Balabanov’s crime drama, he gets the role of Hoffmann, a German living on the street, whom Danila saves from a racketeer who threatens him. A homeless merchant who survives by selling old things dedicates the hero to the subtleties of life in St. Petersburg: “The city is a terrible force, and the bigger it is, the stronger it is. He sucks. Only the strong can climb. ” By the way, the director invited real vagrants to his cult film, so, according to the actor, he had to enter the image so much that they really believed that he was “his” and lived on the street.

Today, Kuznetsov has more than 150 roles in movies, and among his recent works are “Duelist”, “The Last Christmas Trees”, “Fire” and “Contact”. Kuznetsov was twice married. From the first marriage a daughter was born, and in the second he raised an adopted son. In 2012, the actor survived his wife’s death.

Daria Jurgens – sex worker Marilyn (Dasha)

One of the brightest characters in “Brother 2” was the heroine Daria Jurgens, who played a Russian immigrant who was forced to earn a living by prostitution in the United States. However, after meeting Danila Bagrov, she decides to return home. By the way, the actress has previously collaborated with Balabanov in the film “About freaks and people.” One of the recent works of the actress is the historical drama “Zoya”, in which she played the role of the mother of the main character Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya. In addition to film work, Jürgens has performed in the performances of the Youth Theater on Fontanka. The actress has a loved one, as well as a son and daughter.

Kirill Pirogov – Ilya Seteva

Kirill Pirogov was remembered by the audience as a museum employee and a friend of Danila Bagrov, with whom they served together. In addition to filming the second part of “Brother”, the actor played in “Blindfolds”, “Peter FM”, “Inhabited Island”, as well as TV series “Azazel” and “McMafia”. In addition, he participated in theatrical productions, created a number of audiobooks and radio plays. Nothing is known about Pirogov’s personal life.

Alexander Dyachenko – Gromov brothers, Gromov hockey player / Gromov guard

Alexander Dyachenko played Bagrov’s second friend and colleague. He also played the role of Gromov’s twin brother, an NHL hockey player who was bound by a bondage contract with an American businessman. By the way, in real life Dyachenko also loved hockey and was an agent of Russian hockey players. He received his first engineering education in Russia, and in 1993 he moved to Columbia University in New York, where he graduated from the Faculty of Acting. In addition to his debut role in “Brother 2”, Dyachenko has starred in many films and series, including “Star”, “Major”, “McMafia” and “Terrible”. He is also involved in music, performing with the rock band Antigo. It is known that the actor was married to a Greek woman for 9 years, but the marriage broke up. In 2019, in an interview with The Fate of Man with Boris Korchevnikov, Dyachenko admitted that he had a loved one.

Irina Saltykova – in the role of herself

Also in the second part of “Brother” played the former soloist of the group “Mirage” Irina Saltykova, who introduced her lover Danila Bagrova. After the release of the film, the singer appeared several times in cameo roles, but the tour schedule did not allow her to fully dedicate herself to the acting profession. She was married to musician Viktor Saltykov, with whom she had a daughter, Alice. According to Instagram, the singer is actively promoting her daughter’s music career, as well as owning a beauty salon.

In addition to Saltykova, Nautilius Pompilius leader Vyacheslav Butusov, TV presenters Leonid Yakubovich and Valdis Pelsh, hockey players Alexei Morozov, Darius Kasparaitis and other celebrities appeared in both films in the cameo.

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