Bandai Namco wants to work with writer Brandon Sanderson – the company gave him a rare press kit on the Elden Ring

It looks like the publisher of the action RPG will not stop at Georgie Martini.

In late March, Brandon Sanderson conducted a live broadcast on his YouTube channel, saying that he had recently been contacted by representatives of Bandai Namco and asked for his address. After a while, the company sent the writer a rare Elden Ring press kit for bloggers – only 40 were released.

Sanderson unpacked a box of live collectibles. Among other things, it contained a letter, a hand-made map of Middle-earth, a wooden engraving with the image of Malena, Melina’s cloak and a replica of a two-handed sword engraved with the inscription “Rise, Tarnished”.

One of Sanderson’s aides in Melina’s cloak (right)

The company also sent a note to Sanderson with a press kit, in which representatives of Bandai Namco said they wanted to work with the writer. The author of the “Archives of Burosvit”, in turn, stressed that he would not refuse to cooperate with the publisher Elden Ring.

Moreover, Sanderson admitted that he has repeatedly reflected on what his “Soulsborne game” would be like. According to the writer, he even has an idea for Bandai Namco, which he will probably offer to the company. However, he stressed that, of course, it is not up to him to decide what the game will be, because this is what game designers do. However, he is interested in thinking about it, said the writer.


Unpacking the press kit from TheRelaxingEnd channel

Earlier, Brandon Sanderson set a record for the history of Kickstarter – a total of more than $ 41 million transferred to the publication of four novels. The campaign ended on April 1.

Brandon Sanderson breaks Kickstarter fundraising record – 24 million donated to his books dollars

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The author of the “Archive of Burosvit” and “Born of the Fog” managed to collect this amount in just six days.

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