Basta finally gave a concert in Vladivostok after almost a year of transfers (PHOTOS)

Rapper Vasily Vakulenko, better known as Basta, arrived in Vladivostok on Sunday, April 3, with a long-awaited concert for fans. Due to obvious restrictions, the artist’s tour has been postponed since June last year. During this time, according to viewers, some have already divorced, bought a dog or received a criminal article. The correspondent talked to the audience and listened to the old hits of the Rostov star together with them.

The long wait paid off with a long concert at the Fetisov Arena Arena, which, according to the organizers, gathered about 5,000 people. This is not a record for the site, but still a very large number. And unlike some past concerts of the Kovid era, the dance floor did not arrange chairs and make people listen while sitting. Masks were not checked either.

The concert started with a little warm-up. A young hip-hop singer Alexander Kontayev, an artist from the Gasgolder creative association, took the stage. He performed four tracks.

The protagonist of the evening appeared in front of a large audience with a half-hour delay. First of all, the artist apologized for almost a year of torturous waiting and was glad that the meeting with the fans finally took place.

Concerts at the Fetisov Arena usually have a good light, but this time the artist performed in semi-darkness, so fans kept trying to illuminate the stage with a flashlight to see his favorite artist better. Vasily joked in the traditional for his concerts genre “conversation with the audience”: he said that the bright light blinds his eyes, and, addressing someone in the crowd, asked to turn off the “spotlight”. Fans obediently turned off the flashlights, but not for long: the desire to enjoy not only the sound but also the view sooner or later took its toll.

Basta brought old tracks to Vladivostok, including from the “Fifth” album, released in 2018. The rapper performed the same repertoire of songs (and jokes) at the previous concert, which took place in the regional capital four years ago at the same venue.

The first block featured lyrics, including the hits “When I Look at the Sky”, “Good Where We Are Not”, “Tell Me, Mom”, “Master and Margarita”, “Heaven, No More”, “You Were rights “and” Love without memory “. Then Basta decided to rock the crowd and recorded with it also the traditional for his concerts video “for mom”: he invited the audience to shake hands in time with the music, while the artist himself is recording the video. In the second block, more incendiary tracks sounded on the stage, starting with the song “To all our brothers”.

In the middle of the concert, the rapper decided to suddenly announce the name of the winner of a competition. A disgruntled whisper swept through the audience: people complained to each other that they had never heard of it before, and if they had heard, they would have participated. But it turned out that in this way Basta decided to help the resident of Vladivostok Konstantin Lukyanov to offer his hand and heart to his beloved. The young people took the stage, where a man handed a ring to his girlfriend in front of a crowd of thousands, and the rapper gave her a magnificent bouquet of scarlet roses. She agreed, after which the couple left back to the improvisation hall on the theme of Mendelssohn’s march.

Basta’s concert lasted two hours and ended with a deafening roar of the audience with the most famous and popular hits of the artist – the songs “Graduation” and “Samsara”.


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