Bezrukova has a new novel, and Buzova has become the face of toilet paper. Ridiculous jokes of stars

Olga Buzova started the day with an unusual video: in the frame the singer is sitting on the toilet. The blonde said she became the face of … toilet paper.

“My good ones, I didn’t know how to tell you, but I still want to share the news with you. The fact is that from today I will be in every toilet, “said the former host of” HOUSE-2 “.

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Later, the singer confirmed – it’s a joke, she did not sign new contracts. “I played you a little, I hope you understand my filigree sense of humor,” said the star.

The jokes also touched on Buzova’s ex-husband Dmitry Tarasov. Information has surfaced on the Internet that the footballer was allegedly taken to play for the Spanish club Barcelona.

“Their representatives have reached the final stage of negotiations on the transition of Dima. Enchanting return to the big sport. We wish you success at the new stage! ” – such a message was published on one of the sports pages. Of course, Tarasov is not going to play for any club – his father with many children has long suspended his career and is now trying himself as a blogger.

Irina Bezrukova was intrigued by a photo with a man she retouched. The actress not only hinted at a new novel, but also noted that she finally found the long-awaited happiness. “You have always wanted me to meet a worthy person. And I am very grateful to you for your sincere wishes, “the artist said on social networks.

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While some wondered who Bezrukova was dating, others recognized him in a vague way … Nikolai Rastorguev. Perhaps Irina interviewed the leader of the group “Lube” and in the meantime decided to play fans.

Sasha Zvereva also excelled in wit. The ex-soloist of the group “Demo” published a post in which she told about the family drama. They say that the singer’s father left his relatives and suddenly left for Russia (in recent years, the actress lives in the United States, and relatives visit her).

“My dad decided to return to his homeland… without his mother … They didn’t agree, they replaced my father. “I don’t need your America!” I have my own beautiful garden, the seedlings need to be planted! ” – such excuses appeared to him. He flew halfway around the world, with two transfers. He found the tickets himself, although before that he did not understand air travel at all. My father asked my mother three times, “Are you with me?” – but she stood up and flatly refused to fly. Today, my mother did not even go to the airport to accompany Dad on the flight. Well … This is a considered decision of an adult responsible man. You will never know what drives this or that person, even if it is your own dad, ”Zvereva shared.

Only a few hours after the publication, it became clear that Sasha circled the audience around his finger. The singer made up a story, in fact, everything is fine in her family.

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