Borshchev is no longer White’s favorite, and Askarov has killed his plans for the title. Devastating defeats of the Russians at UFC Fight Night 205

UFC Fight Night 205 was a big disappointment for Russian mixed martial arts. Of the three fights in the main card – not a single victory. Oleynik lost the fight altogether, but as it turned out, he was more fortunate than the others. Borshchev lost the charm of a bright drummer, and Askarov – the title fight in the near future.

KP Sport tells about the UFC stop tournament for Russians.

UFC Fight Night 205 was to become the star hour of the Russians

The Russians are still fighting in the UFC octagon. While all Russian sports are being removed from international arenas, the head of the overseas league, Dana White, has promised to fight for her Russian assets. Promised and did.

The UFC Fight Night 205 tournament in Columbus was to bring the Russians to the top of the promotion. Vyacheslav Borshchev went to the second match in the league. The first turned out to be more than attractive, so the audience demanded a sequel.

Askar Askarov is a minor star of the lightest weight. All the clashes in this division were decided between Brandon Moreno and Daveison Figueiredo. But with the victory over Mark Diakizi, Askarov brought himself closer to the title fight. Long deserved.

But veteran of mixed martial arts Alexei Oleynik risked falling into the fourth defeat in a row. It would not be easy with Ilir Latifi, but the Swede announced a few hours before the tournament that he would not go to the octagon due to health problems. Oleynik was left without the 77th fight in his career, but the Russian secured himself, because he was on the verge of dismissal due to frankly bad statistics.

Vyacheslav Borshchev suffered his first defeat in the UFC. Photo: Vyacheslav Borshchev’s social network

Borshchev reluctantly gave up the fight and lost

The first thing you need to know about Vyacheslav Borshchev’s fight is that the American public did not whistle at the Russian. “Slava Klaus” generally went to the octagon as home, and at the beginning of the fight he hospitably let Diakizi into the fight at home, although both are bright drummers.

The Englishman from the Congo, apparently, studied well the first fight of Borshchev in the UFC and decided to take advantage of the main weakness of the Russian – the fight. The problem is that Diakizi’s struggle is far from ideal. Therefore, the first round had to watch for bad grappling.

The second five minutes was little different from the first. Diakizi is bad, but he controlled Borshchev on the ground floor – he was gaining points. And Vyacheslav was completely disarmed. The story was repeated in the third round. Vyacheslav was completely unprepared for work on the ground floor and naturally lost. From Borshchev’s favorite in the fight with the Englishman were only the numbers of bookmakers before his start.

Conor was detained by police
Conor was detained by police

Askarov has never received so much in the head

Askarov, like Borshchev, went to battle as a favorite. Only the Dagestani began to justify his status from the first seconds. Askar spent most of the first round hanging out on Kara-France, trying to strangle Kaya. But the New Zealander skillfully tied his hands and brought the gong to five minutes.

By that time, Askarov already had a dissection over his eye – they collided with their heads. But it did not affect the fight in any way. It became clear that the Russian needed to seek happiness in the fight, but his opponent was cool in one thing – in the “knitting” of the fight. And by the end of the second round, Kai pulled out another trump card – a powerful blow.

Askarov decently missed the sides in the head. Although Kara-Franz did not shock the opponent. Scored points – yes, but in the third round Askarov came out fresh. And this is the main defeat of Askarov: he never turned his freshness into dominance.

Kara-Franz struck twice as many blows, was much more accurate and did not really allow Askarov to do anything in the fight. Askarov’s undisputed and very close defeat is the first in Askar’s career.

Kai Kara-Franz inflicted the first defeat on Askar Askarov in his career. Photo: UFC Russia

The moment of glory turned into a moment of disappointment

What is the result? Borshchev destroyed the charm of his first fight. He is a cool kickboxer, but absolutely no fighter, and in MMA such an omission is an impermissible luxury.

Askar Askarov disappointed even more. He was one step away from the title, and now “merged” the victory, which was almost in his pocket. Askarov’s defeat is a real shock. The first defeat in his career, and even at such an important stage of his career. It seems that plans for the title fight will have to be postponed indefinitely.

Russian MMA suffered a crushing defeat at a UFC party in Columbus. Oleynik came out of the water dry, the others were a little less lucky. For two defeats, it seems that Peter Jan will have to rehabilitate at the next UFC tournament on April 9.


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