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Until the end of the year, retail prices for bread will be fixed at the level of March, Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko promised. In return, the authorities will allocate 2.5 billion rubles to producers. in the form of subsidies, and retailers will have to voluntarily zero the markup. According to Kommersant, these are the two types of products most in demand among Russians: the Nareznaya loaf and the Borodinsky black bread. According to Rosstat in mid-March, in general, all grain products rose by more than 13%.

Bread producers will fix prices at the level of the beginning-middle of March 2022 and will not increase them until the end of this year, said Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko in her Telegram channel. The agreement was approved following a meeting with manufacturers today. Ms. Abramchenko explained that the government has allocated 2.5 billion rubles in subsidies to bakers in order to fix prices, at the rate of 2.5 rubles. per kg of product.

According to official data, a number of regions have already received these funds. For example, 94 million rubles were sent to the Moscow region, 89 million rubles to the Nizhny Novgorod region, 88 million rubles to the Krasnodar Territory, 79 million rubles to the Sverdlovsk Region, and 75 million rubles to the Kirov Region.

Producers interviewed by Kommersant say that prices will be fixed for two types of products – sliced ​​loaf and Borodino black bread: these are the most popular varieties among Russians. According to Rosstat in mid-March, in general, all grain products rose by more than 13%.

According to the President of the Russian Union of Bakers Alexei Lyalin, since the beginning of this year, the cost of production of mass varieties of bread has increased by an average of 53%.

Market participants say that the amount of subsidies proposed by the authorities at the rate of 2.5 rubles. per kg would be relevant in early 2022. In the current situation, 6 rubles are needed for real price containment. per kg, Kommersant’s interlocutors explain.

Victoria Abramchenko also stated that the availability of socially significant varieties of bread on store shelves at fixed prices will be ensured by voluntary resetting of margins by retailers. They will also have to reduce the delay in payments for bread producers to one day. A Kommersant source in the bakery industry explains that bakers’ goods are now paid for within five days of being sent to retailers.

Kommersant’s interlocutor from among major retailers says that in early March, suppliers sent notifications of a 20% increase in the purchase price of bread. According to him, in this situation it is pointless to zero margins: “The cost of other types of bread will still increase.”

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