Bruce Willis’ worst film, Jared Leto and other Golden Raspberry 2022 winners

The Oscars will be presented on the night from Sunday to Monday, so it’s time to celebrate the worst of the worst – thanks “Golden Raspberries” even Bruce Willis got his moment of glory, and what else! They came up with their own category for the actor, and although it was really difficult to choose the worst film, the jury coped with its task.

Not without a well-deserved statuette Jared Leto for his role in “House of Gucci”, “Space Jam 2” led by LeBron James and several other nouns.

The full list of winners of the “Golden Raspberry 2022” looks like this:

Worst movie:

Worst actor:

Worst actress:

Worst supporting actor:

Worst supporting actress:

Worst screen duo:

  • Any clumsy member of the cast and any easily written and staged musical number – “Diana: Musical”
  • LeBron James and any cartoon character he dribbled – “Space Jam: New Generation”
  • Jared Leto and his eight-pound latex face, strange clothes and ridiculous accent – “Gucci House”
  • Ben Platt and any character pretending to sing 24/7 Platt, it’s okay – “Dear Evan Hansen”
  • Tom and Jerry (aka Tickles and Scratches) – “Tom and Jerry”

Worst director:

Worst case scenario:

Worst remake:

Bruce Willis’ worst role in 2021:


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