Buzova in mini-shorts exposed the full forms on the pylon

The TV presenter decided to dance to survive the grief faster. However, fans made her laugh.

Olga Buzova. Photo: Global Look Press

Olga Buzova is a famous TV presenter. She hosted the House 2 show for many years. Then Olga left the project and began to host a culinary show, as well as “Stars in Africa”.

Moreover, she now gives concerts regularly. However, after the New Year, the actress had a break from work. She managed to go on vacation several times and then admitted that she had recovered. Now the star is trying to hide excess weight with the help of outfits.

It is noteworthy that the other day Buzova again left the usual schedule for a few days. Her dog died, which was a tragedy for the TV presenter.

However, on April 5, she decided to resume her training and began dancing on the pylon again. The actress in shorts and bodysuits began to bend and even get up on all fours. Olga flashed her full hips at the camera. At the same time, she asked not to criticize her.

“Body plasticity is developing, and the sexuality that every woman has is coming out! I solve so many men’s issues that with many men the male / female line is blurred. We are equal. But “the woman with the eggs” or “the man in the skirt” is something I would not want to come to!

I need a pylon for one number in my show, which I moved to June 18 this year in “Crocus”.

Do not judge harshly! I have always had problems with plastic surgery and stretching. They are not, but I want to be the best version of myself in every way! Sports and dancing are not the only things I started doing!

Tears will not help. Yes, it hurts. Yes, a lot has changed! Yes, I’ve been crying for the second week at night. But I want to live, develop, lose weight, after all… I missed six months due to an arm injury! With the return, “she wrote.

Fans split into two camps. Some admired Buzova and her courage, while others criticized the actress for her clumsiness. “It’s strange. I love half-dance “,” What a volume “,” That’s what made me happy “,” Looks very bold “,” Well, not a drop of grace “,” Olya, do not bend over, so funny “,” Fatigue “, – began to write subscribers.

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