Camila Cabello did not breathe in a bikini to look good in the paparazzi photo

Ubiquitous photographers ruined the singer’s weekend on the beach.

Camilla Cabello. Photo: Global Look Press.

On April 2, American singer Camila Cabello went to the beach in Miami and did not have time to return home, as photos of her in a bikini have already appeared on the Internet. And not all of them were successful.

The 25-year-old star was so offended that she was born with a big post on social media about the persecution by the paparazzi and female beauty. The actress shared that she was very upset by this case, although she is well aware that photographers are following in her footsteps.

“When it affected my self-esteem, I reminded myself that it was not about me, but about culture. To a culture so accustomed to the image of a “healthy” female body, which for many women is completely unrealistic, – writes Camila. “Photoshop, food restrictions, excessive exercise and a choice of angles in which our body looks different than in its natural form – when we take a deep breath, when we eat, when we splash in the waves.”

“I remind myself of this, I listen to podcasts about intuitive nutrition, I watch women who take their cellulite, stretch marks, bellies and weight fluctuations… And all the same. I’m a lonely 20-year-old woman in the middle of a silly promo, and I want to feel “good.”

According to Cabello, knowing that the paparazzi are watching you makes life very difficult.

“Today I put on a new bikini, a damn cute outfit, painted my lips with gloss and didn’t eat anything too heavy before going to the beach, because I knew it would be, in fact, a whole photo shoot. I was squeezing so hard that my stomach hurt. I couldn’t breathe, and I could barely smile, and I was so embarrassed that the popes were around all the time that I couldn’t let go, relax and do what we have to do when we go out. I tried to pretend they weren’t there, but I couldn’t, and I took a deep breath as I walked from my deck chair to the ocean. “

“I looked at a group of children who giggled happily in the waves that knocked them off their feet – no sunglasses, no jewelry, no shyness, only childish innocence. This is the feeling for which I have always chosen nature. I knew I looked “good” in the photos, and I thought I would feel successful, and yet I never spent time on the beach worse than I do today. “

“I wanted to talk about it because we look at pictures of women and praise them for looking good, being fit or healthy.” But what is health if you are so obsessed with what your body looks like that your psyche suffers and you can’t enjoy your life? Who am I trying to look attractive to, and am I even attractive to myself if I can’t relax, have fun and play on this beautiful day at the beach? ”

In conclusion, the singer added that all her current work on herself comes down to feeling like a 7-year-old girl again – happy, carefree and free.

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