Canadian Carnival in the Urals! Metallurg leads in series with Avangard: News: Continental Hockey League (KHL)

“Metallurg” led for the first time in a series against “Avangard” – the victory in the fifth match Magnitogorsk brought an inspiring game of Canadian legionnaires, three points of Andrei Chibisov and a great game in the implementation of the majority.

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Metallurgist (Magnitogorsk)

5 – 2

Avangard (Omsk)

Metallurg scores five goals for Avangard for the third match in a row

Metallurgist (Magnitogorsk)



5 – 2


March 26, 2022



Avangard (Omsk)

The fourth match between Magnitka and Avangard turned out to be the toughest in the series and turned into losses for the Steelmakers. At the very beginning of the game under power reception Nikita Komarov got Artyom Minulin. The defender did not finish the match, and remained out of the lineup for the next game, which took place this Saturday in Magnitogorsk. And in the second period Magnitogorsk pupil Alexey Bereglazov a click from a few meters hit his head Mikhail Pashnin. Fortunately, the most powerful shot came in the helmet, and Pashnin even won the third period. But he also couldn’t take part in the fifth game.

Team Ilya Vorobyovand has a greater variability of the line of defense than the Omsk team. Retired defenders were replaced Linus Hultström, missed matches in Balashikha, and Yaroslav Khabarov. Outside the application also remained Egor Korobkin, instead, the Magnitogorsk returned to the lineup Semyon Koshelev.

After losing both home games and allowing the opponent to return to the series, Bob Hartley still remained true to his plan. The short bench of Omsk is also affected – it is quite difficult to make global changes in the application. Note the return Semyon Chistyakov in the third pair of protection.

The beginning of the game seemed to be a continuation of the fourth match. Avangard played again on the verge, and sometimes beyond the foul. Koshelev was subjected to a crushing force, but he was not removed. However, the Magnitka forward soon returned to the game. The hosts scored first, generally surpassing the opponent in motion and attacking more subtly. Andrey Chibisov played billiards in a helmet Shimon Grubets, opening the account by throwing from a negative angle. Then “Metallurg” played in the majority, but this draw was not the most successful.

Grigory Dronov, defender of “Metallurg”:
– Rebuilt, in general, in the series. They began to play differently, understood how to play as a team – talked to each other. Hence the result. What details have changed? We sat down, talked and decided that we should play better in defense. In the first two matches they gave up in the defense zone. Added to this, and pushed away from it. The difference between games at home and away? Yes, no, as such there is no – you go out and work. There the fans came, supported, it was nice to hear them. And here – even more so! I think in the sixth match Omsk will give all its strength, will play in power, will pile on the gate. The last step is the most difficult, we also need to add in all components and win.

By the end of the segment, the game calmed down, and the guests took advantage of this lull. A series of inaccuracies of the “steelmakers” in their zone led to the fact that the rivals took a break with a draw. Avangard’s long-range shot fired again, and Bereglazov excelled again. 1: 1 after 20 minutes of the match.

In general, it was to be expected that the fifth match would be much less productive and more closed than the previous ones. Tolerate, tolerate, tolerate – the setting for both opponents for the second period, which they coped well. Plenty of struggle, total concentration and a minimum of mistakes. All this can be said about “Magnitka” and “Avangard” in the second period. It is obvious that Omsk residents are tired, and somewhere they stop keeping up with a fresher opponent. From here – removals. And, as a consequence, a goal Philippe Maye. In the second half of the match, “Magnitka” won the majority, and, finishing the twenty minutes in the “4 on 3” format, the Urals could well claim the third puck, but not enough minutes.

Timofey Davydov, defender of Avangard:
– Killed and scored. The most important thing is that the team wins. Many were missed, many deletions were unnecessary. We are preparing for the next match. There is support from the attackers, you just need to disassemble the game and move on. Splashed out emotionally? I don’t think that’s the point. We simply do not realize the moments ourselves, but let the opponent realize them. We have a champion mood.

The game in unequal formations became one of the key moments of the match. In the third period on an equal footing Nikita Soshnikov went to attack Pavel Akolzin. And it was a blow to the head – at a time that in general has already been played. As a result, “Avangard” lost the striker, and “Metallurg” attacked for five minutes in a “5 on 4” and gained a strategic advantage. He finished with finishing Josh Curry – 3: 1. And soon he buried all the hopes of the guests Brendan Leipzig – Canadian Carnival in Magnitka! He threw the fifth puck of “Metallurgist” Nikita Korostelev, “Vanguard” did not give up 18 seconds before the final siren Timofey Davydov slightly sweetened the pill of defeat to the guests. 5: 2 in favor of “Magnitka” – the series returns to Balashikha, where it may end.

Bob Hartley, Avangard head coach:
– It was a good game until we got a five-minute dismissal. The score was 1: 2, we were in the game, the initiative passed from one team to another. We acted well, I think the audience liked the game, a real playoff match. An insulting defeat, but the series moves to Balashikha, we hope to return to Magnitogorsk for the seventh match. Knight stopped winning throw-ins? “Metallurg” – a strong opponent, also works well on throws. I do not think that fatigue affects the leaders. Here you either score or you do not score. As for the realization of the moments, this is an important aspect of the playoffs, “Metallurg” has worked hard to neutralize us in this component. Yes, we scored a lot in the first matches, but the best team in the conference is against us. It is not easy to resist them, it is difficult to score. Few predicted at the start that the series would last six matches. But we are pressed against the wall, there is nowhere to retreat. We built this team for four years, nurtured character. It’s time to show it.

Ilya Vorobyov, head coach of Metallurg:
– Good game from our side. The guys caught everything on themselves, where necessary – scored. That’s it, getting ready for the next game. What did the referees say at the time with Prokhorkin and Koshelev? We can’t take the challenge here, they decided. Do you have 300,000? No? So I can’t go on. It would be wrong to comment on this point in relation to the judges. It will be ugly on my part, I’m not the kind of person to pour dirt on someone. I will not say anything. Bereglazov, our pupil, is steadily gaining points? No one doubted that he was a good player. There was another situation – the salary ceiling decreased. Look at the final of 2016, the penultimate goal – what Lech created there, it started with him, he went in a playful way. But life is such a thing that at that moment it was necessary to do so, but he was not eager to stay. Most didn’t get along today? The most important thing is that we both scored. The rest is all lyrics.

# Gagarin Cup



Three stars

Andrey Chibisov
Goal masterpiece from a negative angle and two points for effective transfers!

Philippe Maye
Excellent and important puck in most.

Egor Yakovlev
He scored again – he assists in six matches in a row!

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