Cancers will find allies in a difficult situation, and Scorpios will be able to indulge their weaknesses


In the first half of the week, the stars advise Aries to be generous. On Wednesday, try to refrain from authoritarianism in dealing with others. You shouldn’t start global affairs on Thursday. Keep your nose to the wind on Friday. The weekend is ideal for strengthening good neighborly relations.


At the beginning of the week, many Tauruses will open new paths for inner development. On Wednesday and Thursday, do not doubt for a second – it will help in difficult situations. Friday is a good day to do charity. Don’t be afraid to talk about your feelings on the weekends.


In the first half of the week, it will be difficult for Gemini to focus on something important. On Wednesday, caring for the family will come to the fore. On Thursday you will radiate optimism. Rely on intuition on Friday. If possible, spend the weekend with friends or good acquaintances.


This week, one of the Cancers will have to pack his bags. On Wednesday, in a difficult situation, you will have allies. On Thursday, refuse to make serious deals, especially with real estate. New horizons will open before you on Friday. The weekend will be held under a lucky star.


At the beginning of the week, defending your opinion, try not to put pressure on the interlocutors. An important meeting will take place on Wednesday or Thursday, which will bring clarity and put everything in its place. On Friday, Lviv is waiting for a hot day, in the evening you can feel like a squeezed lemon. It is better not to do physical work on weekends.


In the first half of the week, Virgos will have a chance to show their creative abilities. On Wednesday and Thursday, cooperation with partners will be fruitful. On Friday, you can easily say no if you feel that the offer or request is not in your best interest. On the weekend we will be able to deal with current affairs.


This week will be favorable for Libra. Forget about problems and enjoy every little thing – it will help maintain mental health. On Thursday, beware of interfering in other people’s affairs. On Friday we will have to fight temptations and temptations. The weekend will be full of pleasant surprises.


In the first half of the week, new promising directions will open up for Scorpios. On Wednesday and Thursday, the easier your approach to cases and problems, the more likely they are to be successfully resolved. On Friday, do not hesitate to indulge your weaknesses. The weekend will be great.


At the beginning of the week, do not break the wood, acting from the best of motives. Wednesday will bring change. On Thursday, do not miss the chance to speak out. Friday is perfect for clarifying relationships. On the weekend you should not demand close heroic deeds. To achieve the desired, be gentle.


This week, the stars advise Capricorns to share their warmth with others, and it will return to you a hundredfold. On Wednesday or Thursday, get ready to sweat over new unfamiliar tasks. On Friday, any explanations should be postponed until better times. On the weekend you will be surrounded by love and compassion.


In the first half of the week, Aquarius is waiting for unexpected insights and discoveries. The environment is good for any endeavor. On Thursday, do not be afraid to take the initiative – you will succeed. On Friday, pay special attention to children and elderly relatives. On the weekend, everything will turn out the way you want.


At the beginning of the week, be fair to your superiors. On Wednesday, avoid political disputes and unappealable statements. On Thursday and Friday, the stars promise Pisces a great mood and the mood of others. The weekend will be spent on a romantic wave, there will be reasons for courage.


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