Caprice broke a historical record, but the holiday was ruined by the Russian giant. Malkin beat Minnesota in overtime – 01.04.2022

Watching Kirill Kaprizov conquer the National Hockey League is an interesting activity in itself, but it is no less interesting to watch his face-to-face and correspondence confrontations with the long-established Russian superstars of the best league in the world. It is obvious that Kaprizov has the best chance to become the face of a new wave of our legionnaires overseas and a kind of successor to Alexander Ovechkin and Eugene Malkin.

On the night from Thursday to Friday, Moscow time, Kirill was waiting for a personal duel with the leader of “Pittsburgh”. Both Kaprizov and Malkin approached this game in “hot” form – the first scored in 4 consecutive meetings, the second gave a 5-match series. Such statistics promised that the notch on the ice of the Minnesota arena would be very interesting for Russian fans.

In fairness, it should be said that our guys took a lot of time to swing – two goals in the first period took place without their active participation, and Caprice almost failed his team, coming under active pressure from Sidney Crosby.

The eldest of the Russians was the first to wake up. “Penguins” by the efforts of forward “Wild” Brandon Duheim won two majorities in a row and on the second attempt, the guests punished the American for excessive activity. Crosby on Malkin, Malkin on Chris Letang, throw, Jake Gunzel. If you remove the last name of the latter, you will get a goal from zero or tenth years.

Soon, Pittsburgh increased the advantage to two goals, Minnesota was threatened with the end of a 7-game winning streak. But the character of Dean Evason’s team is in perfect order, this season it has repeatedly proved it. Kambek took about 3 minutes at the junction of the second and third periods and, of course, did not do without Kaprizov.

It was the Russian forward who equalized the score: the home team’s attack almost died down, but Ryan Hartman managed to get out of a difficult situation and put the puck on the far penny, where he rolled the 97th number. There is a historic goal! Caprice scored 83 points in the regular season, repeating the record of the “Savages”, which previously belonged to Marian Gaborik. Truth. Gaborika needed 77 matches to establish his achievement, and Kirill needed only 66 to repeat it, so he has already surpassed the Slovak.

In the duel between Caprice and Malkin, the advantage went to the Minnesota striker, but the Russian giant still proved that the “old school” is also in perfect order. In overtime, Gino received a pass from Brian Rast under the goal and after several attempts he literally shoved a hockey projectile into the goal.

Pittsburgh defeats Minnesota, Malkin defeats Kaprizov, well, and Kirill continues to lead the list of the best Russian scorers of the season and rewrite the history of the American club. It seems that after this match both Russian stars should be happy.

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