Caprice found an assistant to win the Stanley Cup? Winners and losers of the NHL deadline – March 22, 2022

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The National Hockey League held a traditional deadline – the last day of permitted exchanges, after which trades were banned. According to the tradition of recent years, we have not seen major exchanges, but some interesting deals have taken place. So, we can summarize a little about who and how worked in the transfer market before its closure.

The Florida Panthers and Claude Giroud

The Southerners got Philadelphia captain Claude Giroud on the cheap, giving up the first round of the 2024 draft, the third round of 2023 and Owen Tippett in return. Giroud himself can also be considered a winner, as South Florida is a place where people usually retire, but now the Panthers have a very capable team that is capable of much. Without exaggeration, “Florida” has become one of the best teams in the NHL, which will have a chance to compete for the Stanley Cup.

The “avalanches”, which already had an excellent composition, became even steeper. In the last couple of weeks, the Denver team has acquired Andrew Colliano, Josh Manson and Arturie Lehkonen, and all three must significantly strengthen the game in the selection of “Avalanche”. Lehkonen is a favorite of analysts, a midfielder who is responsible for defense, is effective when playing on board and can, if necessary, score. Colorado remained the best team in the West and became stronger.

Minnesota and Marc-Andre Fleury

The three-time winner of the Stanley Cup as part of “Pittsburgh” turns into a “traveler”: from “Vegas” he was sent to “Chicago” a year ago, and now the smiling goalkeeper will delight fans of “Wild”. Fleury was courted in “Washington”, but a deal was made with the “Savages”, which can be called mutually beneficial. Minnesota has solved the goalkeeping problem before the playoffs, and Fleury will play for a decent team that can, with some luck, “make noise” in the Stanley Cup.

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Seattle and Ron Francis

The Kraken needed to get rid of the age ballast, as the team does not qualify for the Stanley Cup. Seattle general manager Ron Francis traded well, exchanging Marcus Johansson, Mason Appleton, Jeremy Lawson, Mark Giordano and Calle Erncrock. The Kraken now have 9 draft peaks in the first four rounds of the 2022 and 2023 drafts – more than enough to select good youngsters. In addition, almost $ 9 million was released under the salary ceiling.

Toronto and Harry Seater

The former goalkeeper of “Siberia” signed a contract with “Maple Leafs” until the end of the season, and for “Toronto” it seemed a good and budget option to solve the problem of the last frontier. But the Finn had to go through Waver, where he was grabbed by “Arizona”. As a result, Toronto was left with the extremely unstable Peter Mrazek and the injured Jack Campbell, on whom there is now all hope. Well, instead of trying to win the Cup, Syateri will fight for a place in the Coyotes’ goal with Karel Vezhmelka, who recently signed a new contract.

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Edmonton, McDavid and Dreisytle

Why “Oil” among the losers? It’s simple: another season has passed in which the club’s management has not done anything noticeable to help the two superstars who are struggling to drag “Edmonton”. Yes, the acquisition of Brett Kulak from “Montreal” is not bad, but it will not help the “Oilers” to get closer to the Stanley Cup, although the team is played by two major NHL stars. “Edmonton” is still a team without a normal goalkeeper, with problems in defense and without proper depth in attack, and McDavid and Dreisytle just lost another year in the prime of their careers.

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New York Islanders

For some reason, the “Islanders” also adopted a strategy to portray that this season was not at all. Islanders did not make a single deal, although they should have become sellers. 45-year-old Zdeno Hara, 39-year-old Andy Green, 37-year-old Zach Paris and 34-year-old Cal Clatterbuck – a total of 155 years have hit these guys, and betting on such veterans is very strange for experienced boss Lou Lamorello. Everyone was waiting for the exchange of Semyon Varlamov, but he has a ban on the exchange of 16 teams, which may have played a role. In the summer, the “Islanders” need to update the lineup, otherwise Barry Trotz will simply have no one to work with.

Dallas Stars

The Texans also had to act more decisively, but for some reason all the main characters of “Stars” remained in place. John Klingberg, whose contract is coming to an end, would be the main hero of the market among defensive players, but he remained in the team and can leave Dallas in the summer without any compensation. The same goes for Miro Heiskanen. All that the Stars can achieve with this approach is a couple of home matches in the playoffs, and then the team will roll back to the periphery. Yes, Dallas had a brilliant year when the team with Anton Khudobin reached the final, but those were matches in the “bubble”, which became an exception.

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