Cherchesov confidently drags his team to the Champions League. No wonder he left Russia?

Ferencvaros, under the leadership of the Russian coach, has not lost seven matches in a row. The title is getting closer.

After emotional work in the Russian national team, Stanislav Cherchesov left to train the Hungarian Ferencvaros. At first, the specialist’s affairs did not matter, in the first six matches of the championship he won twice, lost twice and drew twice. Far from grand statistics.

The fans were indignant and wrote that the coach should be ashamed of such a result. Cherchesov, apparently, listened to the claims and transformed the team. Now “Ferencvaros” is away and has not lost seven games in a row!

The championship title is a matter of time, and a ticket to the Champions League is almost guaranteed.

It turns out that Cherchesov left Russia for a foreign championship for a reason. After all, our clubs do not yet have the opportunity to play in European Cups.

Ferencvaros is close to defending the title and the Champions League

When the coach came to the club, the gap from second place was four points. Now Cherchesov’s team is seven points ahead of the next “Pushkash Academy”. And the gap could have been bigger, but in a face-to-face meeting, “Ferencvaros” lost a solid advantage and lost the victory. Stanislav Salamovic was angry after the match.

– In general, I’m unhappy because we led in two goals, but could not win. Of course, it is worth paying tribute to the other team, because they performed well in the second half of the second half, – said Cherchesov after a 2: 2 draw.

Ferencvaros will play seven more matches before the end of the Hungarian championship. The calendar is not the hardest, but there will definitely be no easy walk – the fourth and fifth teams of the tournament will compete. However, if you look at the situation adequately – nothing prevents Cherchesov to defend the title of Hungarian champion and get into the Champions League. The first place guarantees the team access to the first qualifying round.

We should not forget that Ferencvaros is also fighting for the Cup. On April 20, Cherchesov’s “green eagles” will meet Gyor, which is in ninth place in the second league of Hungary. The opponent’s class is much lower, so there are all the prerequisites for reaching the final.

What do the fans say?

Ferencvaros fans are not very eloquent at all. In the social networks of the club roll-field, only occasionally skip some comments that contain more than one word or a bunch of emoji. If criticism is heard, it bypasses the coach.

At the end of February, there were many more critical shots at the specialist. Now he has nothing to blame, the team is really at a good pace and has a decent reserve. Well, I want to wish Cherchesov good luck. The Russian public treats the coach differently, but it is worth supporting their compatriots. Especially now, when the representation of our coaches and players in European Cups can be minimized.

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