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Actor, director, father of many children, businessman – it’s all Nikita Mikhalkov. He achieved incredible heights in his career, raised four children who continued the famous Mikhalkov dynasty. This year Nikita Sergeevich will celebrate his 77th birthday. About how the life of the famous director developed – in the material

Nikita Mikhalkov: childhood and early career

Nikita Mikhalkov was born on October 21, 1945 in Moscow. The director’s father is the writer Sergei Mikhalkov, who is the author of the famous children’s work “Uncle Steppe”, as well as the anthems of the USSR and Russia. My mother is the poetess Natalia Konchalovskaya.

Nikita Mikhalkov as a child with his mother. Photo: personal archive

Nikita Sergeevich’s maternal great-grandfather is the Russian artist Vasily Surikov, and his grandfather is Peter Konchalovsky, a painter.

Nikita Mikhalkov in his youth
Nikita Mikhalkov in his youth. Photo: Global Look Press

At the time of Nikita’s birth, seven-year-old Andrei Mikhalkov was already growing up in the family, who later also became a famous director and took his mother’s surname.

Nikita Sergeevich is Russian by nationality.

Nikita Mikhalkov in 1963
Nikita Mikhalkov in 1963. The film “I’m walking around Moscow”. Photo: Global Look Press

At the age of 7, the future director went to school with a mathematical bias, but after graduating from elementary school he was transferred to a regular school – the exact sciences were not for Nikita Sergeevich. In addition, he studied music and went to the theater studio.

Nikita Mikhalkov and Andrei Konchalovsky with their father
Nikita Mikhalkov (left) and Andrei Konchalovsky with his father. Photo: personal archive

In 1963, Nikita Mikhalkov entered the Schukin Theater School, but did not graduate. As a fourth-year student, he was expelled because he acted in movies. At that time, such liberties were not encouraged in the school.

Nikita Mikhalkov in 1969
Nikita Mikhalkov in 1969. The film “Noble Nest”. Photo: Global Look Press

After that, Mikhalkov immediately entered the VGIK, and, for the 2nd year. By that time, Andrei Konchalovsky had already graduated. Nikita Sergeevich received his university diploma in 1971, after which he was drafted into the army. Mikhalkov served in the Pacific Fleet, aboard the cruiser Mikhail Kutuzov.

Nikita Mikhalkov: actor, director, best roles and films

Nikita Mikhalkov came to the set for the first time at the age of 14. He made his debut with a cameo role in The Sun Shines on Everyone. Then there were a few more works – “The Adventures of Crash” and “Clouds over Borsk”. Well, the first serious role that brought popularity to Nikita Sergeyevich was in the film “I’m walking in Moscow.”

He made his directorial debut in 1974. Then Mikhalkov’s first film “One’s among strangers, another’s among one’s own” was released. In 1975, he presented to the audience “Slave of Love”, and later – “Five Evenings”, “Relatives”, “Black Eyes”.

With all the workload on the set as a director, Mikhalkov did not forget about his acting career. He has starred in such popular films as “Station for Two”, “Brutal Romance”, “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: The Hound of the Baskervilles”.

Nikita Mikhalkov in 1984
Nikita Mikhalkov in 1984. The film “Brutal Romance”. Photo: Global Look Press

In the late 80’s Nikita Mikhalkov created a production studio “TriTe”, whose first work was the picture “Urga – the territory of love.” The film won the Nick and Oscar awards.

In 1994, Nikita Sergeevich shot “Tired of the Sun.” The film is still a success among viewers, and then it received many prestigious awards, including the Oscar and the Grand Prix of the Cannes Film Festival.

In 1998, the maestro became the head of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia, without ceasing creative work in acting and directing.

Nikita Mikhalkov
Nikita Mikhalkov in 1997. Photo: Global Look Press

In 1999, Mikhalkov’s film “Siberian Barber” was released, starring Oleg Menshikov, Julia Ormond and Richard Harris.

In addition to acting and directing, Nikita Mikhalkov produces various projects. These include the film “Silver Skates”, which became the first acquired platform Netflix Originals.

Nikita Mikhalkov: projects, books, business

For many years Nikita Mikhalkov kept a personal diary and only in adulthood decided to take his literary works to the court of readers.

He has written biographical and journalistic books “The Territory of My Love”, “Public Loneliness”, “Besogon”. Russia between past and future. ” Mikhalkov’s notebooks entitled “My Diaries” were published in a separate edition.

Nikita Mikhalkov in 2004
Nikita Mikhalkov in 2004. Photo: Global Look Press

Since 2007 he has been a member of the Board of Directors of Vozrozhdenie Bank.

In 2009, Nikita Mikhalkov decided to start a business. He organized a wine company in Italy, which produces elite wine “Dodici”, which translates from Italian – 12. The name came in honor of the director’s picture “12”.

In addition, Nikita Sergeevich has forests “Temino-Lesnoe” and “Temino-Pavlovskoe”, where they produce furniture from local timber.

Nikita Mikhalkov is also a co-owner of one of the largest diamond processing plants in Russia (TM UralDiamond).

Nikita Mikhalkov in 2005
Nikita Mikhalkov in 2005. Photo: Global Look Press

In 2011, the director created the YouTube channel “Nikita Besogon”, which later grew into the author’s project “BesogonTV”. As part of the program, Nikita Sergeyevich shares with the audience his political views and opinions on certain situations.

And in 2015, brothers Nikita Mikhalkov and Andrei Konchalovsky created a project of the Russian catering network “Let’s eat at home!”, The official of which was Konchalovsky’s wife Julia Vysotskaya.

Nikita Mikhalkov with his wife Tatiana
Nikita Mikhalkov with his wife Tatiana. Photo: Global Look Press

Also since 2015, the director is the founder and owner of a private educational private institution of additional professional education “Academy of Cinematographic and Theatrical Arts NS Mikhalkov”.

Nikita Mikhalkov: income

According to the declaration of income for 2017, Nikita Mikhalkov earned 529 million rubles. The director also found 89 plots of land, six houses, six apartments, 11 non-residential buildings, a helicopter and a tractor. Journalists noted that Mikhalkov’s name is found among the founders or co-owners of dozens of companies with various fields of activity.

Nikita Mikhalkov: personal life

Nikita Mikhalkov’s first wife was Anastasia Vertinskaya. By the time they met, the future director was a student at the Schukin School, and Vertinskaya was already a star. She managed to gain enormous popularity, starring in the films “Scarlet Sails” and “Amphibian Man”.

Anastasia Vertinskaya
Anastasia Vertinskaya. Photo: Global Look Press

The daughter of singer and actor Alexander Vertinsky did not accept Mikhalkov’s courtship for a long time, but in 1966 they still legalized their relationship. By that time, their common son Stepan was six months old.

Their marriage lasted five years. Mikhalkov wanted to see a loving wife and a caring mother at the stove, and Anastasia dreamed of fame.

Stepan Mikhalkov
Stepan Mikhalkov. Photo: Global Look Press

Nikita Mikhalkov’s second wife was Tatiana Solovyova.

She worked as a model in the House of Models Vyacheslav Zaitsev, but after marriage she left the profession and gave birth to the director’s three children.

In 1974 his daughter Anna was born, in 1975 his son Artem, and in 1986 his daughter Nadezhda.

Despite the seemingly ideal family life, rumors about Nikita Mikhalkov’s novels periodically appeared in the press.

The rich, tall and stately director (Nikita Sergeyevich’s height is 187 cm and weight is 81 kg), according to rumors, fascinated a variety of beauties. One of the most high-profile scandals erupted in 2000. Then Mikhalkov was suspected in an affair with journalist Maria Lemesheva, who in 2011 allegedly gave birth to an illegitimate child.

Artem Mikhalkov with his family
Artem Mikhalkov with his family. Photo: Global Look Press

For the last few years, Nikita Mikhalkov has been living apart from his wife Tatiana. He settled in the center of Moscow, and Tatiana remained in the manor on Nikolina Gora near Moscow. But there was no official break in relations.

All four of Nikita Mikhalkov’s children followed in his footsteps and continued the dynasty.

Anastasia Vertinskaya’s son Stepan became a restaurateur and actor. He raised four children, and in 2018 his daughter Alexander gave him a grandson, Fedor.

Nadezhda and Anna Mikhalkov
Nadezhda and Anna Mikhalkov. Photo: Global Look Press

Daughters Anna and Nadezhda became actresses. In addition, Anna tried her hand at producing, and Nadia tried her hand at directing. Nikita Sergeyevich’s daughters gave him five grandchildren.

His son Artem became a director and actor. In his first marriage he had a daughter Natalia, and literally two years ago – a son Alexander from his second wife.

Nikita Mikhalkov: latest news

In mid-March, Nikita Mikhalkov announced the postponement of the Moscow International Film Festival to the second half of 2022.

The day before it became known that the author’s program of the director “BesogonTV” from Monday, March 21, will be shown in the evenings on the channel “Russia 1”.

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