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Marat Basharov once planned to become a lawyer, but his love for theater proved to be stronger. Today he is a successful actor, TV presenter and even an amateur figure skater. Behind the shoulders of the actor – dozens of roles in movies and TV series and two official marriages. How the life and career of the artist developed – in the material

Marat Basharov: childhood and the beginning of his career

Marat Basharov was born on August 22, 1974 in Moscow. His mother worked as a cook. The actor met his father only many years later during the filming of “Secret to a Million”.

The future star was brought up by a stepfather who worked as a plumber. As a child, Marat had the surname Yunisov. He is a Tatar by nationality and preaches Islam.

Marat Basharov as a child. Photo: social networks

Basharov had a rebellious nature since childhood. He attended high school, was often a bully and could not even make contact with the opposite sex.

After graduating from school, Marat Basharov planned to enter the Faculty of Law at Moscow State University, but unexpectedly, in 1991, he auditioned for the role of Duke Cecil in the play “The Canterville Ghost” at the Contemporary Theater. The future star was advised to go there by his brother, who was fond of theater and literary criticism.

Marat Basharov in his youth
Marat Basharov in his youth. Photo: social networks

After the performance, the world of theater was so fascinated by Basharov that a year after studying law, he went to the Higher School named after MS Shchepkin.

Marat Basharov: theater, movies, TV series

During his student days, Marat Basharov’s tastes changed somewhat and he began to dream of the world of cinema. It all happened after a cameo role in the movie “Tired of the Sun”, where Basharov played the role of a tanker. After graduating from high school, Nikita Mikhalkov invited the young actor to his new film “Siberian Barber”.

Marat Basharov in the film
Marat Basharov in the film “Siberian Barber”. Photo: still image

The debut was a resounding success, Basharov’s work was positively described by film critics, and the role brought the future star his first popularity. He tried to combine work on the set with the theater. During the filming of “Voroshilov’s Shooter” Marat appeared on stage in the production of Oleg Menshikov’s “Woe from the Mind.”

After that Marat Basharov accepted Pavel Lungin’s offer and played the miner Misha Krapivin in the film “Wedding”. At the Cannes Film Festival, the picture received an award in the nomination “For Acting Ensemble”.

Marat Basharov in his youth
Marat Basharov in his youth. Photo: social networks

Basharov received his first role in the series in 1999. In “The Perfect Couple” he played a cameo role, and in the sensational series “Border”. Taiga Novel “, which was released in 2000, Marat transformed into Lieutenant Ivan Stolbov.

After Basharov, they began to trust the role of officers more often. Thus, he played the opera Sasha Kaplevich in “Ice Age”, Captain-Lieutenant Peter Orlov in the film “72 meters”.

Marat Basharov is a big fan of Boris Akunin’s work. Therefore, in “Turkish Gambit”, which was filmed by Janik Fayziev, he tried to play the role of officer Miti Gridnev as effectively as possible. The picture was presented to the audience in 2005 and was highly praised by viewers and critics.

Marat Basharov
Marat Basharov. 2004 Photo: Global Look Press

Basharov played one of the main roles in his filmography in 2010 in the four-part melodrama “Back to the USSR”. According to the plot, Marat’s hero is a businessman tired of a successful modern life, who agrees to an amazing adventure and wakes up in 1975.

In the same year, Marat Basharov celebrated in Bollywood. Russian cinematographers decided to shoot the TV series “Hindu”, in which the actor got the lead role – surgeon Anton Ponomarev, who survived the plane crash. Basharov later admitted that each day of filming began with a glass of cognac. This method was invented by the artists in order not to pick up any infection.

Marat Basharov in the theater
Marat Basharov in the theater. 2010 Photo: Global Look Press

In 2015, the audience was introduced to the film “Battalion”, where the actor became the head of the interim government of 1917 Alexander Kerensky.

Marat Basharov became the head of the ATS nicknamed Titanic in 2020 in the mystical detective “Fortune Teller”. However, the second season of the series was removed from the air of the First Channel after the release of the seventh series.

Marat Basharov: projects, shows, income

The first television project for Marat Basharov was “Stars on Ice”, where his partner was the Olympic champion Tatiana Navka. Following the show, the couple took first place. And then the actor tried himself in the role of TV presenter. In the “Ice Age” of the first and second seasons, he was co-host first Irina Slutskaya, and then Anastasia Zavorotnyuk.

In 2009, Marat Basharov became the host of the eighth season and subsequent seasons of the show “Battle of Psychics”.

Marat Basharov and Tatiana NAvka
Marat Basharov and Tatiana Navka in “Ice Age”. Screenshot:

As for Basharov’s income, advertising projects and appearances at corporate events bring him from 600 thousand to one million rubles per contract. In the theater, the artist earns more than 500 thousand for one performance. The issue of “Battle of Psychics” costs the same.

The shooting day in the series of the actor is about 300 thousand rubles, and the main role in feature films – up to 10 million rubles.

Marat Basharov: personal life

Talent, spectacular appearance (actor’s height 184 cm and weight 84 kg), natural magnetism – thanks to this “set” Marat Basharov’s personal life has always been key. So, in 2000, the press talked about a tumultuous but short-lived affair between Basharov and actress Olga Budina.

Marat Basharov and Elizaveta Krutsko
Marat Basharov and Elizaveta Krutsko. 2007 Photo: Global Look Press

Basharov’s first marriage became actual. Although the actor claimed that he was imprisoned according to the canons of Islam. Elizaveta Krutsko, the agent of the actor Andrei Krasko, became his chosen one. The chosen one converted to Islam, became Leila and in September 2004 gave birth to the star’s daughter Amelie.

Five years later, the couple decided to separate. The reason was an affair with Tatiana Navka, which flared up during the filming of “Ice Age”.

Marat Basharov and Ekaterina Arkharova
Marat Basharov and Ekaterina Arkharova. 2014 Photo: Global Look Press

Afterwards, Marat Basharov began dating Ekaterina Arkharova, the niece of actor Emmanuel Vitorgan. In 2014, they played a wedding, and six months later a scandal broke out in the family. Arkharova was hospitalized with bruises and a broken nose. The situation has long been plagued by all talk shows and the media, as a result, in 2015 the couple filed for divorce.

Marat Basharov and Elizaveta Shevyrkova
Marat Basharov and Elizaveta Shevyrkova. 2016 Photo: Global Look Press

After the divorce, Basharov was sad for a short time. On social media, he met Elizaveta Shevyrkova, who appeared to be his admirer. Moreover, the initiative came from Lisa. After a while, the lovers began to live together, and in the fall of 2016, the couple had a son, Marcel. A year later, the couple registered their relationship at the registry office.

Daughter Amelie and son Marcel
Marat Basharov’s children are daughter Amelie and son Marcel. Photo: social networks

On the eve of the new 2018, Elizabeth reported a beating and a broken nose, and in March 2019, their marriage was dissolved. The actor asked his ex-wife to change her last name, leaving her and her son an apartment.

Marat Basharov: latest news

Marat Basharov played one of the main roles in the multi-series detective melodrama “The Secret of Lilith”, which premiered last fall on Russia-1 TV channel.

The beginning of this year was not very pleasant for the actor. In February, he parted ways with the School of Modern Play.

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