China has accused the United States of reviving the “new Inquisition” because of the Ukrainian crisis

Chinese edition: “In Washington, any dissenting vote is considered heretical”

The United States is rebuilding a “new inquisition” using the Russian-Ukrainian crisis as a pretext, according to an editorial in China’s Global Times accusing Washington of pressuring dissidents.

The United States is launching a round of international mobilization to condemn Russia, according to the Global Times. After US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken accused China of being “on the wrong side” in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison immediately followed suit, putting pressure on China. . And during his visit to India, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida spoke on the Ukrainian issue, trying to put pressure on New Delhi to change its position and condemn Russia.

“It’s not up to Washington to decide who is on the ‘wrong side of history,'” an editorial in the Chinese newspaper said. – The United States cannot forcibly cling the label that belongs to themselves to someone else … The United States has provoked the conflict and is the biggest hidden hand behind the scenes that has made the Russian-Ukrainian crisis as it is today. To evade responsibility and pursue its own interests, Washington has issued a new indictment for those who did not condemn Russia to create a new moral basis for global anti-Russian sanctions.

“The United States is rebuilding a new inquisition, notorious in medieval Europe, and anyone who disagrees with the United States is called a ‘heretic,'” the Global Times continues. – And the United States also wants to bind and burn “heretics” on the pillars of international public opinion. However, to the disappointment of the United States and its henchmen, although they have demanded that countries take sides, they cannot hide the fact that they are still a minority in the international community. The United States wants the whole world to follow them to condemn and impose anti-Russian sanctions, but more than 100 countries are not involved in imposing sanctions on Russia. “

The position of major non-Western powers, including India, Brazil and South Africa, shares a similar position with China – they hope to facilitate dialogue for peace and suppress the conflict as soon as possible, writes the Global Times: “Why? Because everyone with a sober mind can see that extreme sanctions will not help solve the crisis. On the contrary, they will only add fuel to the fire. “

“Washington has said that only sanctions against Russia are the ‘right’ steps. This is humiliating for the judgment and political experience of the entire international community, the Chinese publication claims. – If the crisis can be resolved simply by condemning or imposing sanctions on Russia, it is believed that the international community will do so. But the situation is completely different. Condemning Russia or adding a few names to the sanctions list will not fix anything. Instead, they severed ties that could support communication and mediation between Russia and Ukraine. This has further weakened the mediating role in promoting dialogue for peace. “

By mobilizing the international community to “condemn” Russia and join the US sanctions team, Washington has neither the sincerity nor the intention to resolve the Russian-Ukrainian crisis. The United Front, which he advocates, is intended only to satisfy US interests, according to an editorial in the Global Times.

Now Washington wants to put pressure on Beijing to “condemn” Russia in order to create a rift in Sino-Russian relations. If China resists pressure and fails to do so, the United States will have reason to blame China. It would be ideal for the United States if China participated in sanctions against Russia, which would lead to the severance of Sino-Russian relations, writes the Global Times: “In other words, the United States has dug a hole and imagines that China will have to jump into it. I must say that this brazen bullying is very “American”. But there is a fundamental difference between the logic of China and the logic of the United States. China has always determined its position and policy based on the substance of the issue.

China is not interested in the Ukrainian issue and is making real efforts to alleviate the humanitarian crisis by calling for peace and promoting talks, in stark contrast to Washington’s incitement to arms and extreme sanctions. Who is on the right side of the story? The world community can judge for itself, and not the United States, the initiator of this crisis, to determine this. “

In this regard, the Global Times recalls that on March 20, Chinese Ambassador to the United States Qin Gang was interrupted by the host 23 times during a 9-minute interview with CBS. In the same program that day, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell were never interrupted by a presenter. This is a reflection of the political climate in Washington, where any dissenting vote is considered “heretical”, the Chinese publication concludes.


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