Daughter Asmus misses her father, and Tereshina’s son is hysterical: star children at the premiere

Christina Asmus appeared in the company of her grown daughter. Those present noted that eight-year-old Anastasia is becoming more and more like her star dad – Garik Kharlamov. Despite the fact that the actors divorced two years ago, they managed to maintain a warm relationship, although sometimes they tease each other on social networks.

Christina does not often go out with the heiress, protecting her from undue attention. However, yesterday it became obvious that the actress gets along well with her daughter and is very proud of her. Asmus has long boasted of Nastya’s success and listed her many hobbies: piano lessons, gymnastics and drawing! The 33-year-old actress admitted that she also plans to instill in her daughter a love for theater and take her to his performances, but only when the baby grows up, because many performances with Asmus have an age limit of “18+”.

As for Garik, it seems that he does not spoil the baby with frequent communication. When asked by reporters if Dad was taking her for filming, Anastasia, after thinking for a second, confidently replied: “No, never at all!” Christina immediately intervened, jokingly reminding her daughter: “You once went to film” Hussar “! She slept, you don’t remember. ” But Nastya was adamant: “No, not true.”

The girl added that she would not mind watching the parents’ acting routine. Hearing this, Asmus seemed surprised: “Seriously? Do you want You never said! ”

don’t miss itChristina Asmus – to Garik Kharlamov: “You are growing very much. Opened to me from unexpected sides “

However, maybe Garik just once spent a lot of time with his daughter, because now he is immersed in a new love affair. The showman is dating actress Katerina Kovalchuk and has already introduced her to her mother and daughter. By the way, Kharlamov’s affair with his girlfriend began on the set of the same “Hussar”.

In addition to Christina Asmus, there were other divorced comrades at the premiere. Pavel Priluchny gave birth to children from Agatha Mutseniece – Mia and Timothy. It was obvious that the boys were happy to spend time with their father. By the way, now there is a persistent rumor that Paul and Agatha have reconciled, and soon we will receive official news about the reunion of the couple. However, Priluchny refused to comment on this and fled to the hall as soon as the journalists touched upon the topic.

don’t miss itPavel Priluchny grimaced when answering the question about Agatha the Martyr

But, of course, not all children were as obedient and calm as the heirs of Asmus and Priluchny. Tatiana Tereshina’s three-year-old son got hysterical right on the red carpet. The kid did not want to pose for photographers and decided to run away in an unknown direction with loud screams. The singer and her eldest daughter tried to smooth over the situation, but the child did not calm down, rushed along the path and prevented other celebrities from being photographed. However, the guests tried to be loyal to the incident – they still understand how difficult it is sometimes to be a parent.

“From some fright I decided to go not from the right side, but from the side where the delicacies and toys, but changed my mind to buy to the red carpet, because I realized that you still need to take off your outerwear – and this was my terrible mistake. The child (my angel) turned into a devil at the time of our interviews and photo shoots. He ran away, commanded, harmed, shouted, fell. Honestly, this is the first time I’ve seen this… He set all the trash on camera. Thank you, son. Now you will go to the movies with us not earlier than in a year, ”Tereshina jokingly commented on the incident.

Alexei Uchitel came to the premiere again in the company of his daughters from Julia Peresild. Recently, the director has often brought to light the heirs. And no wonder – grown girls become real beauties and, it seems, clearly want to follow in the footsteps of talented parents. You need to get used to photo shoots and star life!

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