Digital Foundry tested Death Stranding Director’s Cut on PC – Iron on DTF

They also compared the performance of the game between the Sony console and the PC with different video cards.

Specialists from the technical department of Eurogamer analyzed the director’s version of Death Stranding on PC, which was released on March 30. Experts studied all the improvements of Director’s Cut, assessed the download speed, and compared the game in detail with the PS5 version. We chose the main thing from the video.


  • Visually, the PC version of Death Stranding Director’s Cut corresponds to the PS5 reissue. Compared to the original PC game, it has improved the quality of textures, visibility and detail of remote objects.
  • The director’s default version supports DLSS 2.3.7, which reduces the effect of holding on to some objects, which is often observed in the original game.
  • DF columnist Alex Battalia stressed that the current version of DLSS can be used in the original release. To do this, simply download the libraries in .dll format and copy them to the game folder.
  • Director’s Cut will support Intel XeSS image reconstruction technology, but this release is not available in the game. It will appear in early summer, when the full launch will take place.


  • At Director’s Cut, CPU usage increased by an average of 6%. This is due to the fact that the developers have adjusted the landscape in some places. Battalia did not dwell on this change, because DF disassembled it after the release of the PS5 version.
  • The reprint is almost no different from the original video card load game – the difference is within the error. AMD graphics accelerators perform better, averaging 5% more fps than NVIDIA adapters when testing single-class models. The situation was similar in the original release.

Download time

DF tested the game on a PC with an NVMe SSD with a serial read speed of 3500 MB / s. The first download of the game after launch is 3-4 seconds faster in the “director’s version” than in the original release, but much lower than on the PS5. However, the difference between all subsequent downloads between Director’s Cut on PC and PS5 is less than a second.

First download

  • PC (reprint) – 10.1 seconds
  • PC (original game) – 13.7 seconds
  • PS5 – 4.3 seconds

Next downloads

  • PC (reprint) – 3.25 seconds
  • PS5 – 2.83 seconds

Experts also tested downloads on a PC with an SSD at a speed of 7500 MB / s. The difference compared to a faster drive was within seconds.

Comparison of PC and PS5

Alex Battaliya tested in detail the reissue of Death Stranding on PCs with different video cards and on PS5 in identical conditions. This allowed us to determine which graphics accelerator the console corresponds to in the case of Kojima Productions.

For his research, the expert found a cut scene in which the frame rate on the PS5 in quality mode falls below 60 fps. Battalia stressed that the scene he chose loads the video chip of the console, because in performance mode it retains a stable 60 frames per second. In addition, the expert found a similar place in the open world, where the PS5 does not have 60 fps. He also conducted a series of tests.

Katzena, which was used for experiments

Battalia then installed graphics settings identical to the PS5 on the PC, and also set up vertical synchronization by analogy with the console. When the game on both platforms was in the same conditions, the expert began testing on different video cards.

On average, the frame rate on a PC with RTX 2060 Super was 28.8% lower than on PS5.

AMD’s graphics accelerator performed slightly better, delivering 24.6% less performance than the console.

RTX 2070 Super lags behind PS5 by only 11.5%.

The AMD graphics card lost 16.5% to the console in terms of performance during the test cut.

Among the tested graphics cards, the best result is expected in the RTX 2080. The graphics accelerator provided a frame rate of 3.4% less than on the PS5. The difference in some scenes was minimized, depending on the number of objects on the screen.

Battalia also tested the action on the RTX 2080 Ti, which provided a stable 60 fps throughout the cut scene. Due to the vertical sync enabled, it is not possible to determine how much performance on a PC with this video card is higher than on a PS5.

The results of the comparison in the cut scene

  • RTX 2060 Super – 71.2% of PS5 performance
  • RX 5700 – 75.4%
  • RX 5700 XT – 83.5%
  • RTX 2070 Super – 88.5%
  • RTX 2080 – 96.6%

The results of comparisons in the open world

  • RTX 2060 Super – 72% of PS5 performance
  • RX 5700 – 75.5%
  • RX 5700 XT – 85.7%
  • RTX 2070 Super – 90.4%
  • RTX 2080 – 97.6%


DF has suggested that Death Stranding Director’s Cut uses the full power of the PS5 video chip – 10.28 Tflops. This is indirectly confirmed by the correlation between the theoretical performance of the tested video cards and the results of experiments in the scene.

As for the reprint, it was called quite boring in DF in terms of technology. There are no unique changes in the game compared to the PS version, at least in the release.


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