Dmitry Nagiyev – 55: At school he pulled girls by the pigtails, asked them to write them off, and as a student he worked in the wardrobe and was engaged in “fartsovka”

Nagiyev became popular with girls only in the 8th grade

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Now at school № 79 in St. Petersburg, Dmitry Nagiyev is talked about with admiration. Although before, when he studied here, he did not stand out. As the classmates of the actor and TV presenter recall, it was difficult to see the talent then.

– He was more of a hooligan, – admits Nagiyev’s classmate Elena Shutova. – I pulled the girls by the pigtails, ran on shifts. In general, he was not stupid, but he studied poorly. All the time he demanded to write off. From the 1st grade he was, you know, like that – small, fat. Well, chubby kid (laughs). This was the first time, and then he grew up and got prettier, began to enjoy the attention of girls. In the 8th grade he became very nice and nice.

At school, Dmitry had his first love, and he cherished it very much.

Dmitry Nagiyev and his girlfriend in 8th grade

Dmitry Nagiyev and his girlfriend in 8th grade


– At that time he was fond of girls, but he had love with a classmate. They studied in the same class, met for three years. It was written about in the press, but much was distorted. She was said to have broken his heart. But there the relationship ended systematically, – says a classmate.


At the same time, Dmitry Nagiyev began to show his acting talent at school.

– Most of all I remember how he played Baba Yaga at a school party, – laughs Shutova. – We put a New Year’s ball in the 8th grade. He played in a way that was very funny. But then we could not have imagined that he would later have such a manifestation of acting talent.

However, although Dmitry Nagiyev got better in the 8th grade, the future actor at school could not afford fashionable things.

– His family had a low income. Mom and Dad divorced, and it was difficult for Mom to raise two boys, – shares Shutova. – They were not provided, I know because we were with him from the same company. It was only later, when he entered the institute (initially at LETI), that he had a small farce. Somewhere he will buy jeans and resell them, somewhere he will chew gum. But it was not large-scale. He never stood on the Gostiny Dvor, so he traded on trifles. Dima mostly worked in the wardrobe, because those who studied in the evening department had to work officially. But he did not go to LETI, did not study, as a result he was expelled, and he had to join the army.

Dmitry Nagiyev was popular with girls at school

Dmitry Nagiyev was popular with girls at school

Photo: Mikhail FROLOV


Even during the army, as Nagiyev’s friends recall, Dmitry decided to link his life with cinema. The future actor gave up LETI and entered the Leningrad State Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography. There he met his future best friends – actor Igor Lifanov and actor Alexei Klimushkin (known for his role as Sylvester Andreevich from the series “Universe”).

– The first time he came to study in uniform, he still served in the army, – shared his memories with “KP Petersburg” Igor Lifanov. – He and I had the same view of this life – bristled, with sarcasm, which to this day accompanies us. We became friends in this field. And then once decided to make a parody of our course at the end of the day. We organized a trio with Klimushkin, so we became the brightest on the course. We were like Morgunov, Nikulin and Vicin (in the movie – Coward, Balbes and Experienced). Everyone had their own task, their own image, we complemented each other.

Lifanov admits that when he was a student, his friends liked to smoke.

– Students all drank, but we restrained ourselves, – Lifanov shares. – If we drink on Monday – Klimushkin is watching us, on Wednesday – I’m after them. If the three of us drank, the bar dropped, the cap was all of us.

Friends did not forget about their hard military service.

– We came to the military unit. Everyone there recognized us. But when we entered the barracks, the officers ran up to us and said in horror, “Quiet!” We are like, “And what?” And to us: “Soldiers have a quiet time!” Can you imagine – quiet, the soldiers are asleep! It was very funny, because we were beaten in the army when we were fighting the toilet with two kopecks. And here is a sleepy hour! The actor laughs.

Dmitry Nagiyev diligently built his career

Dmitry Nagiyev diligently built his career

Photo: Mikhail FROLOV


Lifanov recalls that Nagiyev’s career quickly went up. But not everyone liked his work.

– At first we had small episodes, the masses – survived, – says the artist. – And Dima after the institute on the radio “shot”. He was unusual. But Anatoly Sobchak, as far as I know, gave the order to close this “bastard”, something like that. And his daughter Ksenia shouted: “No, I like him” (it is not known for sure). Dima just had jokes on the verge. The whole of St. Petersburg was buzzing: “Have you heard Nagiyev? Have you heard of Radio Modern? He came up with the idea to say at the end: “I was with you, Dmitry Nagiyev.” And he still says so.

According to friends, Nagiyev achieved his success with diligence.

– He was stylish, fashionable, stood out on the course from others – yes, it was still at the institute, respect for him, – says Lifanov. “And we see what it turned out to be.” He made himself from scratch. His parents are simple, and he methodically built a career. He made himself step by step: everyone goes to the banquet, and he leaves, everyone walks, and he goes home. He was preparing to be a star. He went for it and achieved it.

At the same time, Nagiyev now does not like to celebrate his birthday.

– When we were young, it was an extra reason to meet friends, to go for a walk, – explains Lifanov. – Birthdays used to be celebrated grandly. We swore, fought, cried. When you become an adult, it’s like an anecdote about a businessman who looks at a Christmas toy and says, “I’m not happy.” That’s why birthday is not such a fun holiday now. But I congratulate him, 55 – Baba Berry again (laughs). He taught us a lot, me in particular. When he became famous, he helped us all. Those who do not like him do not like straightforwardness. Dima is not going to scold. If a person is shit, he tells him that the person is shit.

Now childhood friends are closely watching Nagiyev’s career and are proud of him.


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