due to high demand, the price of sugar in Primorye will rise to 92 rubles (POLL) – News of Vladivostok on VL.ru

Minister of Industry and Trade of the Primorsky Krai Sergei Kalitin spoke about the upcoming rise in sugar prices. Due to the high demand, this product is rapidly disappearing from the shelves of stores in the region – new supplies are more expensive. So, according to the minister, the next party is already on the way, but it will cost not 75-79 rubles per kilo, but 90-92 rubles.

“On Friday, the governor and I were in the Remy and Samberi chains – the sugar was 79 rubles each, in a paper bag per kilogram. Shipment of sugar was 68 rubles, plus 9 rubles road. <…> Now, from this week, sugar will be shipped – to come here to Vladivostok – for 88 rubles already. The price of sugar is set in accordance with the price in the regions on the stock exchange. Therefore, new shipments will already be taking into account the road for 88 rubles. We plan that it will be about 90-92 rubles on the shelf, “he said Minister of Industry and Trade of the region Sergei Kalitin.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, 650 tons of sugar will soon enter the Remy retail chain. At the same time, this product can be called “anomalous” today – there is no such surge in demand for any food product in the region. It seems that most of the people of Primorye want to secure a “sweet life” under sanctions. Thus, in March, the demand for sugar on FarPost.ru increased more than 17 times compared to the same period in 2021.

We will remind, on March 12 VL.ru wrote that in Vladivostok shops there was almost no granulated sugar, but refinery is presented in excess. The shops did not keep up with the increased excitement. The Russian government soon imposed a temporary ban on the export of white sugar and raw cane sugar to third countries. And in retail chains began to sell in one hand no more than two kilograms of sugar.

According to Kalitin, we can conclude that in a week the retail price per kilogram of sugar in a paper bag will grow by 18%. If we recall the fact that at the end of February, sugar in “Remy” cost 63 rubles, the monthly growth will be 46%. As some confectionery manufacturers told VL.ru, they are already offered to buy Russian sugar 100% more expensive.

Note that the demand for sugar is abnormal not only in terms of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, but also in the opinion of the editorial board. What makes people rush to the shops like the Klondike, in pursuit of precious sand, is not entirely clear. However, it is obvious that in Primorye “sugar fever” has not yet reached the level of western cities of the country, where buyers are sweeping the shelves like a coastal typhoon on the beaches.

We will remind also that earlier UFAS warned: unreasonable statements on increase in the prices can turn into antitrust cases and penalties. So, for a week the regional department issued seven warnings to businessmen who warned of possible rise in prices.


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