Dyson has introduced a prototype headphone with a mask to filter the air.

The company plans to begin selling the device in the fall of 2022.

Dyson has introduced the Zone, a noise-canceling Bluetooth headset and mask with air purification technology. The specific characteristics of the device (such as battery weight and life) and price have not yet been announced.

The Zone mask features simplified air filtration technology from other Dyson devices. Zone “draws” air through the headphones with compressors, filters and feeds through the mask, writes The Verge.

The mask does not apply to the face. It can be disconnected to use only headphones, or removed, for example, for conversation. Inside there are several modes of filtration, they can be changed manually or automatically depending on the intensity of movement (for example, you need more air when running).

According to Dyson, Zone can filter up to 99% of harmful particles. Filters need to be changed on average annually.

The Zone has three different noise reduction modes. Insulation mode with active noise reduction (ANC) when the mask is worn. Lowering it automatically switches the headphones to talk mode and turns off the ANC. There is a transparency mode in which you can hear some sounds, such as car horns, sirens and others.

Charging the device – via USB-C. It can also be connected to Dyson Link to learn more about the quality of the surrounding air.

A journalist from The Verge tested the prototype a few weeks ago: “I felt air circulating in front of my face, even though I was indoors. It is difficult to say how much cleaner the air has become. Zone headphones are very large and heavy. The buzzing of the compressors was a bit audible when they were working at maximum, and I wasn’t listening to music. “

In April 2021, rapper together with a spacesuit designer for SpaceX presented a “smart” protective mask Xupermask with headphones.

The rapper presented a smart protective mask XUPERMASK

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The designer SpaceX took part in the development.

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