Ease as never happened. Why is Dynamo a completely different team in the spring?

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Sandro Schwartz explained where this unexpected failure against Rostov came from right after the final whistle: “We made too many technical mistakes.” But now that the emotions from the game have cooled, we have the right to ask the following question: and such a set, too large, in turn, where?

It is very similar to the fact that these errors are forced.

The first thing, of course, forced the opponent. Rostov tried to play their coach’s favorite football – active, with high pressure – and he succeeded. Perhaps we have every right to say that Valery Karpin picked up the key to Sandro Schwartz’s system. This was the third meeting of coaches, so the material for some generalizations has accumulated.

The previous meeting, however, ended in favor of the white and blue – they won 2-0 in the opening round of the current championship. But there is a nuance: the accuracy of Dynamo’s transfers in that match was even lower than in the current one. Even now, it has fallen markedly, to 70 percent, and then, in July, it reached just over 64. (For a better understanding of the numbers: in the most failed match of the season, in St. Petersburg, where Dynamo lost 1: 4, the accuracy of their passes was 76 percent.)

So, Karpin’s pressure disrupted Dynamo’s game in the summer as well. Just then Rostov did not use their chances, which they had even at zero on the scoreboard. And Dynamo – used immediately. Hence the confident victory.

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As for the very first meeting between Karpin and Schwartz (in November 2020 in Rostov), ​​it ended with a score of 4: 1 in favor of the hosts. And let the score there, probably, also a little cunning: the game dominance of the winners was not so great. The general picture still develops. Obviously, at the level of organization of the game, Karpin knows how to face Dynamo.

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And Dynamo, for its part, does not know much. An expressive touch: last Sunday there were almost no dangerous situations at the gates of Rostov. Even the saving goal happened without a goal moment: the penalty was equal. So it turns out that under the pressure of the opponent, Schwartz’s team is lost.

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Although it’s not just about game pressure.

Anyone who has watched Dynamo this spring sees that it is a different team. Another compared to autumn. Major victories over Khimki, Nizhny Novgorod (in the cup), Arsenal can deceive only those who are limited to the score. And who looks at the game, he understands the changes or at least feels.

Lightness disappeared from Dynamo football, and it was in it that charm lay. When footballers play in touch, when they feel their partner without even looking at him, when they read the game like an open book, when they run, give, play, without making any effort, it is fascinating. And when they just work, even in good faith, the charm has nowhere to go. Spring “Dynamo” works – there are no questions. But it does not fly.

When something changes externally, it always means that change has happened internally. It seems that we have reason to develop the topic of pressure, but not just the green lawn.

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VTB’s departure from the formal management of the club, the demarche of Andrei Voronin and Ivan Ordets, the coercion of Sandro Schwartz and Sebastian Szymanski are all events of the last month, chronologically coinciding with the restart of the season. The young team found itself under pressure from circumstances she could not even imagine, and it is not surprising if the inner harmony was disturbed.

At the same time, it is easy to see that direct competitors, Zenit and CSKA, have avoided such pressure. Yes, their conflicts are also unfolding there (Rakitsky, Timoshchuk), but the scale is incomparable.

Although the spring results differ, apparently, not only because. The current “Dynamo” was also under pressure of expectations. “Zenith” has not noticed such pressure for a long time, from the army, let’s face it, no one expected to fight for the title, but Dynamo was sentenced to the golden race by the tournament position itself, in which RPL spent the winter. Well, what are two break points for 12 rounds? The white-and-blues also spurred on themselves – and, it seems, were a little burnt out.

A big club just has to deal with the pressure – either the opponent on the field or the circumstances outside it. And if Dynamo wants to be great again, it must learn to grind any pressure.

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