Emelianenko’s student was put in front of a fight for a million dollars. Because Russian!

Nobody will see the main fight in Vadim Nemkov’s career in Russia. Again sanctions…

The fight between Vadim Nemkov and Corey Anderson was called into question a month and a half ago. The most important fight in the career of a Russian fighter in the current situation could be canceled altogether. Fortunately, Vadim’s team, which includes the legendary Fyodor Emelianenko, defended the right to fight for a million dollars.

However, Nemkov will have to go to the cage under unpleasant circumstances. At the last moment, the Americans framed the fighter, effectively leaving him without popular support and the opportunity to gain new fans.

Will Bellator’s unexpected decision affect Vadim’s morale? Or will Emelianenko’s best student still take his own?

Fight against sanctions

The upcoming fight against Anderson is a major event in Nemkov’s sports biography for several reasons. First, Vadim will have a chance to win the Grand Prix for the first time in his career, and at the same time earn a solid prize of one million dollars. Secondly, in the tournament, the Russian fighter will defend the title of Bellator champion for the third time, and if successful, his career could make a sharp turn: it is rumored that Nemkov is one step away from a contract with the UFC.

Photo: © Louis Grasse / Keystone Press Agency / Global Look Press

Finally, in principle, for a Russian, a battle with an enemy from the United States is in itself. And it’s not that Anderson once compared our fighter to a microwave semi-finished product. Just Nemkov’s triumph on American soil at a time of anti-Russian sanctions would be a highly symbolic event. Bellator, we recall, recently deprived Russians of the right to participate in title fights and canceled the long-awaited fight of Fyodor Emelianenko in Moscow. So Vadim’s fight with Corey may be the last major event for Russian fighters in the near future – and if you leave, then slam the door.

Nemkov was also framed?

Photo: © Louis Grasse / Keystone Press Agency / Global Look Press

Especially since Nemkov himself was ultimately affected by the sanctions. The fight between the Russian and the American, announced last year, has not been canceled, according to rumors, only because all the tickets for it have long been sold out – the organizers do not want to disappoint the audience and lose money. But the organizers could not but emphasize their political position, thus risking their reputation in the United States.

At the last moment, Bellator decided not to remove Nemkov from the fight, but to cut him off from the connection with the fans. The organizers banned the broadcast of the long-awaited fight in Russia, leaving fans without a spectacle, and the fighter himself – without support. Consequently, they deprived him of the additional popularity that he could gain in the event of a resounding success, and the subsequent income from it.

Finally, this decision may affect the fighter’s advertising contracts. Brands pay an athlete to participate in fights that are broadcast to a multi-million audience, and if these same broadcasts do not remain, why would companies need such investments?

In other words, cooperation with Bellator may soon cease to be profitable for Vadim – it’s time to move to the UFC, where the attitude to the Russians, fortunately, remains adequate.

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