“Escaped from Israel”: Jasmine and her family returned to Russia

Singer Jasmine.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Jasmine returned from Israel to Moscow and immediately announced it to fans. The singer recorded a video, posting it on her page on the social network “VKontakte”. The actress joked about her return, reminding that when she flew on vacation, rumors about her escape from Russia immediately spread on the Internet.

– Warm greetings to all who were so worried that we fled Russia. I officially declare that now we have fled from Israel to Russia, – Jasmine said in a video message.

The actress went to Israel with her children – 10-year-old Margarita and 5-year-old Miron. The singer’s grandmother and other relatives live in this country. Jasmine said she persuaded her 85-year-old grandmother to come to Moscow with her.

– The children did not want to part with Grandma Sonia and her divine chebureks, so she decided to go with us. In fact, she was going to Moscow a long time ago, but her age is already obvious, 85 years old anyway… Usually we all fly to Israel, but this time she decided to surprise her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren! Said Jasmine.

The actress was staying in Israel with her daughter Margarita and son Miron.  Photo: social networks.

The actress was staying in Israel with her daughter Margarita and son Miron. Photo: social networks.

Earlier, the singer had to explain that she left Russia not because of the events in Ukraine.

– It would be funny to read about myself that I allegedly left for Israel to wait for a difficult time away from Russia, if it were not so sad. My dear subscribers, don’t worry, I’m on vacation with my children and I’ll be back soon, – Jasmine wrote on social media. – In Israel is the grave of my father, who recently left us, and I still feel the need to visit him more often. In Israel, as you all know, I have a beloved grandmother, aunts, cousins, nephews, friends. It is no secret that my children and I love to spend part of our vacation in Israel and visit this country several times a year during school holidays. Why is there such a stir now? No need to look for extra meaning in our trip.

Jasmine was born and raised in Derbent. In her post, the singer wrote that she sincerely loves Russia and is not going anywhere.

– I will never be ashamed of being from Russia. We left as planned at the beginning of the year and will return soon according to the same plan. For now, here in the Holy Land, I will just pray for all of us, – said the artist.


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