Ethan Cohen will make his first film without Joel’s brother – a sex comedy about a girl on a road trip

The director seems to be ending his break from film, during which his brother Joel also made his own film – he directed “The Tragedy of Macbeth.”

Ethan Cohen plans to make a film based on a screenplay he co-wrote with his wife, Trisha Cook. The name of the picture is not disclosed, its shooting is going to begin in the summer of 2022.

The film, according to THR sources, will be based on a screenplay written by Cohen and Cook in the mid-2000s. At the time, their script was called Drive-Away Dykes and was about a girl named Marion. According to the plot, Marion was kicked out of the house by her lover from the police, who found the girl in bed with another. After that, Marion and her friend Jamie went on a road trip from Philadelphia to Miami. Jamie was in love with Marion, but the girl herself went on a journey to bypass all the bars for women on her way.

Cohen and his wife described Drive-Away Dykes as a sex comedy inspired by the films of Rass Meyer, director of “Mad Motorcyclists” and “Urine, Urine Them, Pussy!”. The Drive-Away Dykes plot featured a severed head in a hat box, a mysterious briefcase and an evil senator.

Drive-Away Dykes was to be directed by Allison Anders, best known for “Gasoline, Food, Housing” and one of the short stories, “Four Rooms.” Selma Blair (“Hellboy”) and Holly Hunter (“Education of Arizona”) were expected to take the lead roles. However, in the end the shooting of the film was not launched.

Ethan Cohen, along with his brother Joel, has made films such as “Old Men Have No Place”, “Iron Grip”, “Fargo” and “Big Lebowski”. In 2019, he announced a break from cinema and went into theater.

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An almost literal, mesmerizingly beautiful adaptation of Shakespeare’s play – and a minor work in the filmography of Joel Cohen, who made his first film without a brother.

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